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Gawd, Chrome is getting painfully slow, maybe I should switch back to Firefox... :s

I miiiiight be getting one of them shiny new fancy tablets soon, mom's been talking about lending me the money for one, and she thinks I should go for a real, good one instead of buying a crappy cheap one and then saving up for a laptop as well for later. I want both - a tablet for reading books (my Kindle kinda needs to be in my bedroom for OCD reasons, plus it's kinda basic anyway) and magazines and surfing while watching TV/sitting in the couch, and a laptop so I'll have a back-up if my stationary comp breaks (it has been acting weird lately), so whatever I get either has to do both or be cheap enough that I can buy two things, but considering how cluttered my apartment always is I can see the appeal in a two-for-one item...
Anyway, does anyone have one? I'm thinking about a Surface or something like it, because I need a keyboard.

Psych class started yesterday but so far it's just been instructions on how to use the website and lesson plans and me trying to make First Class work with the help of instructions that look like they were made in the 80s and whose only update since has been being scanned into a PDF. (It has COMIC SANS, for pete's sake. COMIC SANS. It has a clip-art graphic I can't even tell what it is because it's so pixelated and black! I think it's a floating wine bottle... What that has to do with First Class IDK. Maybe it's really fancy first-class wine. Or champagne. Or maybe that's not a cork, maybe it's a message-in-a-bottle... Hmm... Anyway, not important!) So basically it hasn't started for real yet, but I got my textbook and it looks sufficiently cringe-worthy and like it will suck all the fun out of the mysteries of the human mind, so... that's nice.

I need to watch more movies. There's a new challenge at one of my land comms (tv_universe) to turns a movie into a TV shows - sounds perfect for me, right? Especially since I've been spending all my time lately working on fancastings of TV shows/movies based on Left 4 Dead, Dresden Files, Discworld, Night Vale and Tomb Raider (the 2013 reboot), plus I could easily think of another 5 books/games/things I'd love to turn into a TV show. But ... movies? I got nuffin. I mostly just watch horror movies and they tend to make bad TV shows on account of everyone dying a whole bunch, and anything else I've watched wouldn't make for a good show. Or it has already been made into one.
Basically: I need to watch more movies. Non-horror ones. But also horror, because that was my original plan for this fall. Horror movie marathon! Halloween is now three month and starts now!

Speaking of horror: TV!

Teen Wolf: Split reactions, but leaning towards "meh" and "blah":


  • Scott + true alpha + HIS PACK

  • Happy all the parents survived, I was a bit worried about the Sheriff and mommy McCall for a bit and I don't want any of them to go. In fact, I feel like they absolutely need to form a support group now and become BFFs and talk about their crazy teenagers and their loud music and slamming of doors and hanging around with demon wolves. You know, parent talk.

  • Scott slamming the door on his dad. That's right stupid-face, you're not invited to the BFF parent support group! SUCK IT.


  • Once again the ladies die and the (white) dudes live on. Once again the male villians are saved and pardoned and the female ones are just unceremoniously killed. BOOO, JEFF, BOOOOOO.

  • Seriously, no words for how much I hate how the twins and Mr Destoyer of Worlds gets a free pass.  And now Peter, I don't get the point of him coming back to life just to become the villian again? We've been over this already, and he DIED. LITERALLY BEEN THERE, DONE THAT AND KILLED IT.

  • Lydia-Twin and Lydia appearantly being for reals = bleh. That relationship was always treated like more of a hook-up, physical thing, with Lydia explicitly saying that's what she wanted but ofc heaven forbid a girl is only into a guy for sex so it must be tru wuv. I like Danny-Twin and Danny, though, they're cute and seem genuinely into each other.

All I have time for right now, I need to go to bed. Keep getting to bed late, sleeping badly, didn't even have a good nap today. >< FML, etc etc.

Still alive

Yeah so, I'm kinda posting a lot on Tumblr atm, it just feels easier most of the time? It's probably not good for me, I think I'm becoming part of the Tumblr hivemind, so I'll try to spend some more time here.

Number one evidence of my Tumblr-brainwashing: I LOVE WELCOME TO NIGHT VALE. Welcome to Night Vale is, for those of you who don't already know, a bi-monthly podcast (yes podcast) in the form of a fake radio show for a fictional (but awesome) desert town. It's been described with everything from NPR to Lovecraft to Twin Peaks and Twilight Zone, but personally I find the tone to be kind of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman-ish, and the town is sort of like Haven except way weirder and everyone knows and accepts all the weird crap as normal. I guess once you have cats living suspended in midair in the bathroom or hooded figures in the dog park that doesn't allow dogs (or people) then suddenly appearing pyramids and glowing clouds raining dead animal corpses is just another Wednesday. Unless Wednesday has been cancelled due to a scheduling error, which can and has happened. XD
It's mostly random community updates about life around town, but it has continuity/recurring storylines and regular characters and even a ship.

I'm addicted and in love, I'm craving fantasy really badly right now so it's easily taken over my brain and my only woe is that it's "just" a podcast, but the ever-growing fandom is providing a LOT of extra material. Listen to iiiit, talk to me about iiiit.

Anyhoo, must be off to bed, hope everyone's good!  


I'M GETTING A NEW DISHWASHER! TOMORROW!! FUCKING HELL YES! Because oh yeah, mine broke again (slash was never really fixed), and it turns out it's broke so bad that the repair man is stumped because he's never seen this happen before. I feel weirdly ... proud? My dishwasher may be broken, but it's special broken. I wore it out so hard I broke it in a unique, never-before-seen way! OCD bitches, that's just how I do! XD
But for reals, I'm super relieved, I didn't think they would agree to switch it out without a major fight so I was gearing up for like, storming into their headquarters and threatening to move or throwing dishes at them until they gave in, and I'm not really a fan of conflict so I'm really happy I didn't need to do that.

Meanwhile I'm spending way too much time overthinking a challenge for tv_universe and I need to just stop thinking and start doing, especially since my plans are sort of mostly outside the requirements - I want to make a poster and a picspam but really we only need to cast 5 people and write some stuff. WHAT CAN I SAY, I READ WHAT I WANTED TO READ. I've atleast decided to set it in the suburbs, so that's progress, but I still need to decide how the sharks are getting there... (I'm sure this makes total sense if you have no idea what the challenge is btw. XD)

Casting of Twelve: I'm reserving judgment but hoping his acting is more likable than he looks, and I'm pleased he's older because I was not here for this Doctor being a pimply teenage boy and I was honestly feeling like that was a possible direction, especially with Moffat at the helm because if he is anything it is a pimply teenage boy. The shit he keeps saying, it's almost funny in a "did you actually just say that?" kind of way? He's like a cartoon, or a sitcom character. "Shit Moffat Says", coming to CBS this fall!

I should comment on Continuum and TB but I'm finding I don't particular care enough. 

Never thought I'd say this but ... I think I'm sick of icecream?

Day 5 without a dishwasher, am now at the point of having those cartoon hallucinations where my cat turns into a grilled turkey (or in my case: a bowl of pasta). For one brief glorious moment this morning I thought it was fixed, but then nope, same problem, no improvement, fuck everything. Pretty much everything I've eaten the last few days have been chocolate-something - meal replacement bars, ice cream, candy - I may actually be getting sick of chocolate, you guys. CHOCOLATE. Like, I did not think that was even possible. And seriously, candy instead of actual food = waaaaay less fun than it sounds, I do not recommend it one bit.

Teen Wolf:[Spoiler (click to open)]Loved this episode, with a few exceptions. Actually kind of a lot of exceptions, but I really really loved the reveal about Lydia being a banshee - they took the thing I found annoying about her (how she was written, not her personality) and turned it into a positive! While also throwing in some character growth/developement! They Britta Perry'd her!
Good use of mythology too - banshees haven't been done to death and fits in to the show's mythology without feeling like, well, True Blood (here, have some werewolves! And werepanthers! And how bout ghosts, fairies, shifters, and anything else we can find by googling "mythological creatures!"), same with druids too, it all fits in without feeling like they're stretching the world out too much.
That's enough praise though, because I did not like: Jennifer being the darach was lazy, stupid writing, very disappointed in that and it didn't make sense to me so whatever to that whole thing. Cora possibly dying without ever getting a personality = nope, don't do that. Stiles' dad possibly dying? UN-FREAKING-ACCEPTABLE IS WHAT, BETTER NOT HAPPEN OR ELSE. I cannot deal with sad orphan Stiles, I just cannot.

Under the Dome:[Spoiler (click to open)]Is it just me or is this show basically: "OH NO WE'RE TRAPPED UNDER A DOME AND THERE'S A HUGE PROBLEM OF SOME SORT AND WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIIIIIE OMGOMG ... oh wait, it's fixed, okay we're cool for now, errybody go home!". Like, that's every episode? Also, "we're trapped under a dome" is kind of the least bad-sounding sentence of all time, in terms of inspiring horror or suspence - I know it comes with problems (*cough* continually easily solvable ones, appearantly *cough*) but it really just sounds sort of lame. A "dome", oh no, a scary scary dome!
Not cool with them killing Rose, aka one of the few characters I found likable at all (plus I was pretty pleased to see Sabrina's aunt Zelda again, it made me nostalgic!), and really fucking sick of Angie and her ridiculous unbelieable bad luck. As for Barbie and Julia, it's a shame because I could ship that if he wasn't a creepy killer with clear impulse control issues who was lying to her face.
I was legit disappointed that this was renewed just because I felt like it would have been soooo much better as a miniseries, and now it's gonna be dragged out and I'll probably keep watching out of curiosity that will never be satisfied. Or atleast not for a long time. Blargh. Damn my curiosity.

Also started watching Orange is the New Black, basically caving to the never-ending stream of stuff about it on Tumblr and LJ before all of it makes me biased against it (I still have that rebellious "don't tell me what to like!" thing sometimes with over-hyped things). 8 episodes in and I like it about as much as I expected - ie, not to the point of raving about it but enough that I'll keep watching. It's good, def worth checking out, def worth MOST of the hype for it.

Bed bed sleep, keep all fingers and toes crossed for my dishwasher tomorrow. I cannot eat another meal replacement bar. 

Ice cream for dinner is not as fun as it seemed when I was 8

One of my nightmares came true: The dishwasher is broken, since day before yesterday, which means I'm out of clean dishes and have no hope of a real meal until the damned thing is fixed. If that sentence doesn't make sense then just remember how I'm cray-cray and have OCD and phobias and Aspergers so everything has to be just-so, both in terms of what I eat and how I eat it. So for the time being I'm stuck with disposable mugs and plates (the utensils I bought smelled like a chemical plant so they're out) and whatever I can eat straight out of the package:
Yesterday's dinner: Popcorn, soda, Toblerone, chocolate-covered nuts.
Today's dinner: 2 ice creams, some saltines, more nuts and some chocolate milk.
I had clean cups enough to manage oatmeal so far but tomorrow I'll be winging breakfast as well so it'll be interesting to see what new levels of hunger-cranky I'll reach then. ><

Anyways, first world problem really, complaining about having to eat ice cream and candy for dinner, somewhere my 8 year old self is facepalming and going "WHERE IS THE PROBLEM HERE". But yeah, that's how my weekend is going and I am not happy about it. On the bright side this means I've been handed a new excuse to goof off and neglect my responsibilities - which granted I kind of didn't want to do right now, but who am I to pass on an opportunity to procrastinate. Only problem is I'm pretty determined to save ALL THE THINGS for fall/winter, so I don't have a whole lot of shows to watch and games to play despite having lots of both. I've been solving the problem by catching up on Burn Notice (which I wasn't going to do but it's summery so it works right now) and rewatching things though, and poking around the interwebs and attempting Photoshop.

This has been the world's most boring post ever, thank you and good night.

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I got my new glasses. I ... think I hate them. Comfort-wise they seemed fine at first but have become increasingly horrible and painful all evening to the point where I can barely stand to keep them on anymore. And looks-wise they're WAY too big, like those comically oversized joke-glasses - I mean I wanted bigger ones but these are just too big, they make my eyes look tiny. Mom and the sales rep were all about them but I feel like they either lie or are just wrong and I'm kicking myself for deciding on them so rashly. Should have thought about it and taken some more pictures and looked more carefully at those pictures, fuuuuck. I know I should give them a while but I just really hate them and feel nauseous, partly from the headache they're giving me and partly from spending 5k on them. Maybe I can change my mind, you should be allowed to change your mind, but I hate making a fuss. :/

Feeling pretty FML in general at the moment so I'm just sticking my head into anything that isn't reality. Need more better things to watch but as usual I've seen everything. I started on AHS s2 but bleh, too showy/trippy. Watched Tangled today, because it keeps popping up on Tumblr every now and then and looked cute, which it was, and I'm always in awe of the animation these days (actually tried to watch another non-animated movie after that sucked  and I turned it off but before then I had time to think "damn, they really have gotten amazing at animation!" one more time and then I realized I wasn't watching animated anymore). Although I'm way too cranky and cynical for Disney singing right now (unless it's one of the oldies, because then I will belt out I Just Can't Wait To Be King at full volume complete with dancing like any self-respecting child of the 90s), especially since the songs ain't nearly what they used to be.

I finished Bioshock, it was amazing and I loved it to bits, have been listening to a fanmix (Welcome to Rapture) and hoping the second will come up on the sale. It's already half off but if there's a chance of 70% then I'll hold out for that, seeing as how I've been spending way too much already both on games and not. Not sure what to play until then, I'm overwhelmed by choices (yes woe is me, I know). So I've started replaying Tomb Raider because ... that makes sense to me. Gonna go do that now actually and try not to think about my horrible glasses.

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This Steam summer sale is gonna be the death of me, I swear. I normally buy like one game every 6 months/a year, and this past week or so I've bought 6 (Bioshock, Mass Effect 2, Half Life 1+2, Deadlight, and a useless and unplayable version of Killing Floor that I bitterly regret) and I cannot promise I'll resist if any more pop up. In fact I'm almost certainly going to buy Bioshock 2 because the first one is my favorite buy so far, I'm kinda totally loving it. The steampunk thing is rrrrreally working for me, IDEC, and it's creepy as fuck in all the best ways.
I just hope no more tempting games come on sale, I can justify some of these with "I'm just stocking up for the winter" and "they're REALLY CHEAP OKAY" but that only goes so far. In conclusion: DAMN YOU STEAM.

LJ needs to get their shit together, these outages suck. Ironically I was working on that comm thingy when it went down - hardly encouraging. LJ is so lucky it has no serious competitors. I hope that doesn't last forever.

Fuck, True Blood got renewed, I was hoping I could justify watching this season with it being the last so I may as well see it through to the end. :p[Spoiler (click to open)]Oh well, maybe they'll kill the last few interesting characters and thus my last reasons for watching (aka Pam and Tara mainly? And Eric out of Swedish patriotism.), it does look promising on that front.
Atleast Sookie's finally making some sense this season, although I'm still chuckling at her "I'm smarter than that" comment WRT: falling in love with Warlow - if only I could believe that. That whole deal with her being SOLD to him = squicky gross, I sure as fuck hope no one is shipping that (who am I kidding, it's the internet, ofc they are).

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So that idea about a recommending community I posted about? I haven't forgotten about it or ditched it, in fact I've been thinking about it a lot the past couple of days again - I really feel like this is something that's missing and that I wish existed, especially any time I set out to try a new game or show or when I look for movies to watch or books to read. The problem is, basically I lack the knowledge and vocabulary to go forward with it - there are things and concepts and ideas that I have no words for, and I don't know where they came from or if I thought of them and if they are any good (so really pretty much just another day in the life of my brain, but even more confusing and frustrating). I really just want to dial up a proper feminist/human rights advocate and go "hey, you know what the world needs? THIS. Could you get on that? Kthx!", and not because I don't want to do the heavy lifting (because I do, I want to make something) but because I don't feel ... worthy, I guess. Educated enough, well-informed enough, capable, able, etc.

But yeah, until I find one of these dial-a-feminists or something, I guess I'm keeping at it. Maybe if I get the ball rolling some actually capable people will join in, or be inspired to start their own thing. The idea is mutating all the time though, and right now I'm back to thinking of it more like "pass or fail" thing - like putting all these things to a test and seeing what parts pass and which doesn't. Like the Bechdel test, which I've been reading/hearing more about lately, I want something like that but broader, bigger, more comprehensive and not just confined to feminism. Again, this is where my lack of knowledge trips me up - is there such a thing? Should there be? And if not and if so, could there be? Personally I feel like there should be, there should be some basic test to determine atleast a few things about a work of fiction, things like if there are female characters, racial diversity, sexual violence etc. Just so that you can look for things that you won't regret spending time or money on, or to avoid things that you don't want to see, or get help determining if it's worth watching despite those flaws. I mean that last part would be more on the community than the test itself, but having that as a starting point would make it easier to find what you're looking for, right? Or avoid what you're not looking for?

Sigh. But yeah. You can see why I'm getting nowhere fast.

Meanwhile, it's FFAF time and LJ is down (note to self: don't press post until maintenance is done). Taking this as a sign LJ hates Europeans - FFAF is short enough for us as it is, provided we want to get any sleep during actual night-hours. Couldn't they have scheduled it for Saturday or Sunday just as well? I mean, ONTD *is* their biggest community by kind of a huge margin, just seems like something to consider when picking maintenance times. /Petty whining over, ignore me, I'm just bored.

What else.... Oh yeah, I tried out Graceland today, it was fine. Very USA-y, sadly more in the Common Law-kind of way than Psych or Suits, but maybe it'll grow on me. Atleast it's something to watch with dinner. Fully caught up with Twisted but kinda already over it? Too much ~teen dramaz, and I feel like I get my fill of that in PLL, TW, Bunheads, etc.

Man I feel lost without LJ. Kinda too late to start something new too... Ah yes, I can watch some Extra Credits episodes - short episodes! .... *8 episodes and a lot of Tumblr later* YAY LJ IS BACK! FINALLY!