Mia (dotty) wrote,

(Wow, one year? Has it seriously only been a year since I posted/randomly dropped off LJ?? It feels so much longer.)

Hi! Long time no posty, not really back - in fact I mostly just thought I'd post to officially declare this blog over and dunzo with. *drone-voice* I'm on tumblr now, tumblr is cool. (It actually really is. I mean, Orlando Jones follows me, so there's that. *flexes*) Currently working on getting over/raging about Sleepy Hollow imploding on itself in the worst and most spectacular way I've ever seen in my life, so that's where I'm at...
Hope you all are good, if there's anyone still here and who hasn't defriended me yet! Come look me up on tumblr if you want, link's below. ^^



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