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[TMI/possible grossness]Ugggh, I do not feel good, and I don't know why exactly. I have a sore on my lip - I get them from time to time, but this is the nastiest version where I also feel weird, like I have an infection or something. I feel sick without the actual sick parts, just sort of out of whack and generally uncomfortable and icky. And my lip hurts and is swollen, but aside from that there's no actual symptoms beyond indescribable ... weirdness. It usually passes after a couple of days, but it always feels like *this* time it's worse than usual. Last night I had an anxiety attack when I went to bed, as much of one as I ever get on these meds (which is plenty horrible, and has the unfortunate side-effect of lasting longer since I don't wear myself out hyperventilating as fast) so that was fun. Basically everything sucks and is horrible, FML, etc. And fuuuuuuuuuck, how my lip hurts - it comes and goes but right now it's here and I seriously feel like stabbing my lip with a knife would make it hurt LESS. Mother FUCKER.

Sleepy Hollow:
[Spoiler (click to open)]Good episode, but for various reasons (my current state of mind being one of them) it didn't make me seal-clappy happy and excited. For one, I'm officially at that point where I'm fed up with trying to like Katrina when it's like the writers/actress are doing their utmost to make her as unappealing as possible, both as a character and love interest. If they wanted me to like her, they could make me like her - every single other character on the show is proof of that. Well, except Luke, but I don't hate Luke - I just hate that he's the stereotypical boring straight-man/guy who isn't in on the what's what and only exists to side-eye Ichabod and for Ichabod to have someone (more) to side-eye (because lbr Ichabod side-eyes everyone). Clearly they do not want me to like her, or she wouldn't constantly have this constantly sad demeanor and talk in breathy stilted old timey-language (which Ichabod/Tom makes roll off his tongue) like she's doing a Shakespeare parody, and she would have an actual personality outside her relationship with Ichabod. Etc etc etc - but she is all those things, and so I draw my conclusions. Well done, you win, I don't like her.

Also didn't love the more srs bsns mood of the episode - I get we need these every now and then to progress the plot and keep things action-y, but I wasn't in the mood for it and it felt a little bit off in a few places. It was also the first episode where I kind of wanted to slap Ichabod (in a non-sexy kind of way anyway), for various reasons but especially for confessing to Abraham while in enemy territory - Horsie was right dude, you did kill him, you killed him with stupidity. Plus the way he was gloating at the Horseman bordered on tacky and reckless, especially given Andy's warnings and the relatively flimsy confinement - he's the bloody Horseman of fucking Death! Literally my first thought when they lit up those UV lights was "I sure hope they have a back-up generator for that" (I figured he'd probably only be trapped there until Feb sweeps or something, but even that was too generous of a guess appearantly). Anyway, he just sort of got on my nerves this episode.

Things I did like: More Andy the snarky undead demon butler! More Jenny! Jenny and Frank teaming up! (I might ship it, jury's still out.) The team coming together in general, for that matter! Aaaand that's about it tbh.

The Walking Dead:
[Spoiler (click to open)]TWD this week, what the even fuck? So boring, so lame, so asfnsdrkmfgklmdlg STAHP NO UGH WHY. I knew the Governor was coming back, I knew the episode would include him a lot, but the whole freaking episode being him??? Walking around looking all sad like we should feel fucking sorry for his gross rapist murderous ass? And then having some sort of woobie-redemption-ish storyline which was in fact 100% gross and weird and creepy as fuck? I don't get what the point was of that, because I know the theme of this season is "can you ever come back from the things you've done?" and in the case of the Governor the answer to that is fucking HALES. NO. and you did not need a whole fucking episode in order to reach that conclusion. Just kill this asshole already, or send him off to wander the roads growing another beard-o-sadness to the tunes of Johnny Cash, I honestly don't even give a fuck as long as we never have to see him again.
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