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sleepyhollowlnd is a new interactive land comm dedicated to the TV series Sleepy Hollow!
Apply for Team Horsemen HERE and let them know I sent you!

sleepyhollowlnd sleepyhollowlnd sleepyhollowlnd

Go, do, play! Going to be pretty casual by the sounds of it, which is good because I have stress issues in the winter.

Agents of Shield
[Spoiler (click to open)]Liking Skye more and more (although I will keep echoing my "why did they have to make her a double agent whyyyy" feelings), but the rest of the team could still use some ... what's the word ... personalities? I mean the Cases of the Week has more personality than FitzSimmons combined - their only thing is that they're cowardly science geeks and it's been 4 episodes! Come on now.
And as for Robot Guy they're even mentioning it in the show now! It's never a good thing if you feel the need to take jabs at one of your character within the first 10 episodes  - that's probably a sign you should go back to the drawing board on him. I guess atleast they're aware of the problem, maybe there's some bigger plan that requires him to be a dull cardboard cutout character.

[Spoiler (click to open)]Olicity bickering = yes more please, especially with sassy not-taking-your-crap-no-matter-how-hot-you-are Felicity (who, I might add, is looking seriously drop-dead gorgeous this season). Everything else ... well atleast they're not pushing Laurel/Oliver on us anymore. I'll call that a win.

Arrggh, I was going to do stuffs with Sleepy Hollow FFA today - I had ~plans, but things keep distracting me and getting in the way. It's coming though, eventually, I'm gonna do stuffs with it! But now I must sleep. 
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