Mia (dotty) wrote,

This Steam summer sale is gonna be the death of me, I swear. I normally buy like one game every 6 months/a year, and this past week or so I've bought 6 (Bioshock, Mass Effect 2, Half Life 1+2, Deadlight, and a useless and unplayable version of Killing Floor that I bitterly regret) and I cannot promise I'll resist if any more pop up. In fact I'm almost certainly going to buy Bioshock 2 because the first one is my favorite buy so far, I'm kinda totally loving it. The steampunk thing is rrrrreally working for me, IDEC, and it's creepy as fuck in all the best ways.
I just hope no more tempting games come on sale, I can justify some of these with "I'm just stocking up for the winter" and "they're REALLY CHEAP OKAY" but that only goes so far. In conclusion: DAMN YOU STEAM.

LJ needs to get their shit together, these outages suck. Ironically I was working on that comm thingy when it went down - hardly encouraging. LJ is so lucky it has no serious competitors. I hope that doesn't last forever.

Fuck, True Blood got renewed, I was hoping I could justify watching this season with it being the last so I may as well see it through to the end. :p[Spoiler (click to open)]Oh well, maybe they'll kill the last few interesting characters and thus my last reasons for watching (aka Pam and Tara mainly? And Eric out of Swedish patriotism.), it does look promising on that front.
Atleast Sookie's finally making some sense this season, although I'm still chuckling at her "I'm smarter than that" comment WRT: falling in love with Warlow - if only I could believe that. That whole deal with her being SOLD to him = squicky gross, I sure as fuck hope no one is shipping that (who am I kidding, it's the internet, ofc they are).
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