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Look, I made tidy! ... On my blog, but any form of cleaning done by me deserves a freaking parade. I've organized the tags, updated my Friends Only post (which didn't used to be FO and is now FP so I should probably call it something else), made a proper About Me post, made the very first Project post - just outlining things, I changed the date on both those so hopefully it won't show up to spam you on your f-lists. Oh, and I changed the layout again, to another old fave that I once again got stuck obsessively trying to make a banner for despite being horrible at Photoshop, but this time I just slapped something together instead of giving up. Probably this is an indication of how The Project is going to go... 

Anyways, I'm working on getting back on track with things and am quite shocked that it actually seems to be working (although I just realized it's really late and I forgot to load in new books into my Kindle like I planned and I still also have to hang laundry so maybe it's not working that well. There goes my streak of getting to bed early the last week!) and I'm planning on making the first real Project-post tomorrow. Meanwhile: TV.

The Walking Dead: is back! Aaaaand ... it still kind of sucks, so I guess that slump they got started on before the hiatus is really happening. Shame, they were off to such a good start this season! Maybe they can still kick things up towards the end. I'm torn between wanting them to try harder and actually succeed at making ~drama happen - which would require good writing and character development and people having relationships we care about - and just saying fuck it and be all zombie-killing, all the time. Because honestly, if you can't do it right, don't do it at all - and you ain't doing it right. When a group of supposed "tight-knit" quality finds out one of theirs - that they assumed was dead without much evidence - is alive and banging their new nemesis and no one seems to care? That is not good. Rick didn't even bother to tell Carol! And Andrea didn't react much either, unless you count wailing in protest over the Dixon deathmatch and then promptly forgetting all about it and acting like everything's groovy, even when the Governor finally shows his true evil colors and the town turns out to be full of crazy idiots. (Interesting side-note - zombies can open doors now! Did that seem a bit too accomplished to anyone else? Maybe they're getting smarter, in which case poor Andrea will not even be smarter than the zombies anymore.)
Things I liked: Hershel (seriously, that dude is ace, I love him) and the sweet scene with Glenn, Lil Asskicker's crib complete with title, Carol's reaction to Daryl being gone, the two new people who actually seem nice and capable with traces of almost-personality.
Things I did not like: The other two new people who clearly are at the top of the Zombie-Food list, Carl and his horrible little creepy face (man I'd like to see him in a deathmatch with Joffrey from GoT), Beth and her crush on Rick, Glenn being all emo, Daryl choosing Merle/the group letting him go off.
Things I HATED: Rick and his stupid mental breakdown and how he had to have it infront of everyone including the new people. Duuude, now the new people think you crazy! And they right! Way to go, dumbass. And of course it was all triggered by Lori, fucking Lori. Still ruining the show from beyond the grave. DAMN YOU LORI.

LBD: Okay you can meta-point your finger at me all you want for being over this Lydia arc but it ain't gonna change a thing: I'm not digging this. And not just because the show stopped being the rainbows-kittens-ice cream-lollipop parade of happiness and delicious awkward shippiness (but that too!), but because it just ... isn't working. Acting-wise, I'm sorry to say, they're just not really cutting it - Lydia's over-acting, Lizzie's spending too much time twisting her mouth and delivering speeches, and the whole thing is just coming across wrong and weird in this medium and with this modern twist. It's just not working
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