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I bought a new game! The Secret World, I wasn't really looking for another MMO but this one came highly recommended and just looked different and interesting. So far that's turning out to be true - it's entirely different from WoW, I'm loving the atmosphere and the fact that it's set in the "real world" (except not at all, but there's a London and a New York and Tokyo and they drop pop culture references), the game play is so far a lot like Left 4 Dead but I'm hoping it'll become a bit more varied over time. Excellent voice acting, nice graphics, cool music... I dig it, I dig it a lot. Feels a bit daunting and overwhelming stepping into a new game, MMOs being so huge and intimidating, but on the plus side they don't wear out as fast. I'm still on a break from WoW, haven't logged in for a couple of days, probably good for me. 

TV today was less fun, I ended up not watching much because Criminal Minds depressed me too much. Seriously, what the effing fuck, show? Why would you do that to m Reid? I was totally shipping him and Beth Riesgraf, they would have been so cute together! And Reid is so overdue for some happy! Ugh, no, that was the worst, I think we're going to have to break up for a bit until I'm done being upset about this. 

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Watched Go On to cheer myself up after that, which did help because hello Ryan/Carrie, which is now a thing that is happening, or atleast being hinted at and:

(Why yes, I have been Tumblr-diving again. Even though I still need to organize all my bazillion gifs. :s)
Well done Go On, I was totally expecting you to go the boring predictable route of Ryan/shrink and Carrie/Ryan's BFF, and well, you still might but atleast Ryan/Carrie is on the map. I did not expect it to be on the map. 

Then I watched Suburgatory which wasn't very fun (I think it was from last week?), and then I gave up
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