October 27th, 2013


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HOW DID I MISS THAT TODAY IS/WAS DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME*? THAT'S ONLY MY FAVORITE DAY OF THE YEAR! I've been feeling yucky and weird all day though so it's a bit of a waste and bad timing, but on the other hand I've been living on Internet/USA-time lately anyway (=going to bed at 4am and not giving a shit - because if I did live in the US it would only be like 10pm which is super-early, so ergo, ipso facto, QED, carpe diem: I go to bed super-early! LOGIC!) so I guess it isn't as important of a holiday as it used to be.

*Don't freak out - we get it earlier than some countries.

Haven't seen any TV worth commenting on since Thursday - Arrow (really liking this season) and American Horror Story (Madam LaLaurie watching the news - best scene of 2013? Top 5 atleast, that's for sure!) - but I have watched a bunch of movies:

No One Lives: [Spoiler (click to open)]Weeeeird, kind of confusing, not good.

Evil Dead: [Spoiler (click to open)]Turned it off, too gross even for me (I can deal with gore, I can deal with one, maybe two, pukey scenes, but gorey pukey scenes almost non-stop? Nooooope.), and a lot gloomier than I expected. I mean, when the description says "a group of young people go to a remote cabin and get trapped with something evil" (or something to that effect) I was not expecting it to be a DIY rehab situation. FALSE ADVERTISING, YO.
I ended up rewatching The Emperor's New Groove as a palate cleanser though, so it wasn't a total waste. Still my favorite movie, still know all the lines. No touchy! Llama face! Wrong leveeeer! <3

Resident Evil: Retribution:[Spoiler (click to open)]Hooboy, this was a huuuuge mess. These movies have been getting increasingly ridiculous (I loved the first 2) and this was just too much, too messy - all glossy surface with little to no plot. Like, I love watching badass girls kicking ass as much as the next person but I need some kind of context and plot to follow. I did love seeing all the old characters/actors from the first movies though, that was fun.

Iron Man 3: [Spoiler (click to open)]Yep, finally saw this, 40 billion years after everyone else. It was good, but looooong (never do an action movie as your second feature - lesson learned), and it probably would have been better if I hadn't seen all the scenes out of order already courtesy of Tumblr (this was actually the motivation that finally made me investigate this "blacklisting" thing I'd heard about). I loved that Pepper got to kick ass too, Tony Stark remains the badassest and best, sky remains blue, etc etc obvious opinions.
However, I took the most delight in the small details, like how William Sadler has worked himself all the way up to POTUS from lowly sheriff of Roswell where I first encountered him, and then, very briefly, another smalltown sheriff investigating weirdness and being unaware his son pals around with non-humans flashed by (hi Linden Ashby!), and I got to picture them having coffee at a diner and complaining/competing which town has it worse. And Grainger from NCIS is the shady VP who turns out to be evil - shocker.