September 30th, 2013


I'm back! (For reals this time!)

Okay I know I said I was back before and then disappeared again but I really am back now, for reals, and this blog is going back to being 99% about TV and only 1% about my depressing boring real life that no one, least of all me, wants to think about, and all is right with the world again. In more ways than one actually, because I have officially jumped into a new fandom (Sleepy Hollow) and my fangirly joy cannot be contained merely on Tumblr. In fact I'm currently working up the nerve to start a social/party comm for aforementioned show, because socializing on Tumblr is hard and weird and I'm old-fashioned and stupid and I can't figure it out (how do you "hang out in the tag", like, you just post stuff? But everyone posts EVERYTHING in the tags, it's a mess! Is there a secret clubhouse called The Tag that I don't know about? Ugh I'm so dumb.) and I desperately need friends with which to discuss Tom Mison and his perfect faaaace. (I have a faaaace-guy again, finally! I'm so happy!) Hands up if you're watching/becoming a fan/already is a fan, although fair warning: I will pounce on you like a cheetah and spam you with gifs and capslocks. Yay, new fandom! :D


So yeah, I'm guessing that sums up my feelings about the Sleepy Hollow pilot, and here are my feelings about the other pilots of the season (ordered by likelyhood of me watching more):

Agents of Shield: Definite keeper obviously, pilot was a bit weak but it's Whedon and a strong cast and it has potential.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Not completely blown away by it but best comedy pilot so far and I'll definitely keep watching.
Masters of Sex: Not sure, very odd pilot. Probably keep watching for the based-on-a-true-story aspect (weird things from real life should always be made into TV shows) and because Lizzy Caplan.
The Blacklist: Not sure about this either, sounded bad but it wasn't actually horrible and I liked the female lead so ... it's a maybe.
The Michael J Fox Show: Cute, but ... too cute? Got a very After School Special vibe from the pilot, haven't seen ep 2 yet. I'll give it a couple of episodes before I decide.
Hostages: Gonna pass on this, maybe marathon it later if it turns out to be a sustainable premise (I doubt it) and less sucky than the pilot indicated. I couldn't care less about the characters though.
The Goldbergs: The least painful of all the painful attempts to recapture the glory days of the family sitcom genre, but still a big fat no.
Mom: See above, but this was actually quite painful. Allison Janney, you deserve so much better.
Atlantis: Found out about this from an article claiming it to be the supposed heir to Merlin, which: lol no. Terrible production value, just embarrassing to watch. I didn't make it through the whole thing but I saw enough.
Dads: Worst pilot of the season, I called it after watching it and so far I stand by that. Truly horribly awful. Please cancel immediately kthx.

Not watched yet: The Wrong Mans (tried, turned off after 10 min), Lucky 7 (tried, 5 minutes), By Any Means, Welcome to the Family.

Of returning shows, so far the only ones I have anything to say about are:

Person of Interest:
[Spoiler (click to open)]SEASON OF BADASS LADIES IS GO! So very much here for Shaw and Carter kicking ass and Carter's getting backstory and hanging with Elias and Root is getting character developement and possibly some sort of redemption arc and what's that, this show has dudes too? Oh yeah, those, yeah they're cool too. XD I'm really excited about the cast and team expanding a bit though, it's going to be excellent.

New Girl:
[Spoiler (click to open)]I'm loving Nick/Jess as a couple, it's always a bit worrying to see how a ship will work as an actual couple but I think this can really work well and I hope they go the route of just growing pains and occassional speedbumps instead of forced drama, because that will also give them the chance to focus a bit on the other characters. Don't get me wrong, Jake Johnson is the MVP of this show, but pretty much everyone I ever see talking about this show (including myself) has been asking for storylines and screentime for Winston and they really need to get on that. He's becoming the crazy weird one dimensional joke character and he's got the potential to be so much more, he needs something to do, stat.

Schmidt on the other hand needs less to do, a lot less. His storyline is the worst and I literally can't even stand to watch it - I mute and look away or skip ahead during those scenes, because it's just so not funny and not working and they just keep dragging out the inevitable. Just have both girls smarten up and dump him and then send him on a very thourough journey of personal growth and redemption. I always said that he'd be better in small doses and I was right (yes, that is an "I told you so" - I TOLD YOU SO, NEENER). I used to find him mildly annoying and occassionally funny - now it's unbearably annoying and very rarely mildly funny.

Lastly I thought I'd share my current up-to-date list of shows!

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