August 21st, 2013


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Gawd, Chrome is getting painfully slow, maybe I should switch back to Firefox... :s

I miiiiight be getting one of them shiny new fancy tablets soon, mom's been talking about lending me the money for one, and she thinks I should go for a real, good one instead of buying a crappy cheap one and then saving up for a laptop as well for later. I want both - a tablet for reading books (my Kindle kinda needs to be in my bedroom for OCD reasons, plus it's kinda basic anyway) and magazines and surfing while watching TV/sitting in the couch, and a laptop so I'll have a back-up if my stationary comp breaks (it has been acting weird lately), so whatever I get either has to do both or be cheap enough that I can buy two things, but considering how cluttered my apartment always is I can see the appeal in a two-for-one item...
Anyway, does anyone have one? I'm thinking about a Surface or something like it, because I need a keyboard.

Psych class started yesterday but so far it's just been instructions on how to use the website and lesson plans and me trying to make First Class work with the help of instructions that look like they were made in the 80s and whose only update since has been being scanned into a PDF. (It has COMIC SANS, for pete's sake. COMIC SANS. It has a clip-art graphic I can't even tell what it is because it's so pixelated and black! I think it's a floating wine bottle... What that has to do with First Class IDK. Maybe it's really fancy first-class wine. Or champagne. Or maybe that's not a cork, maybe it's a message-in-a-bottle... Hmm... Anyway, not important!) So basically it hasn't started for real yet, but I got my textbook and it looks sufficiently cringe-worthy and like it will suck all the fun out of the mysteries of the human mind, so... that's nice.

I need to watch more movies. There's a new challenge at one of my land comms (tv_universe) to turns a movie into a TV shows - sounds perfect for me, right? Especially since I've been spending all my time lately working on fancastings of TV shows/movies based on Left 4 Dead, Dresden Files, Discworld, Night Vale and Tomb Raider (the 2013 reboot), plus I could easily think of another 5 books/games/things I'd love to turn into a TV show. But ... movies? I got nuffin. I mostly just watch horror movies and they tend to make bad TV shows on account of everyone dying a whole bunch, and anything else I've watched wouldn't make for a good show. Or it has already been made into one.
Basically: I need to watch more movies. Non-horror ones. But also horror, because that was my original plan for this fall. Horror movie marathon! Halloween is now three month and starts now!

Speaking of horror: TV!

Teen Wolf: Split reactions, but leaning towards "meh" and "blah":


  • Scott + true alpha + HIS PACK

  • Happy all the parents survived, I was a bit worried about the Sheriff and mommy McCall for a bit and I don't want any of them to go. In fact, I feel like they absolutely need to form a support group now and become BFFs and talk about their crazy teenagers and their loud music and slamming of doors and hanging around with demon wolves. You know, parent talk.

  • Scott slamming the door on his dad. That's right stupid-face, you're not invited to the BFF parent support group! SUCK IT.


  • Once again the ladies die and the (white) dudes live on. Once again the male villians are saved and pardoned and the female ones are just unceremoniously killed. BOOO, JEFF, BOOOOOO.

  • Seriously, no words for how much I hate how the twins and Mr Destoyer of Worlds gets a free pass.  And now Peter, I don't get the point of him coming back to life just to become the villian again? We've been over this already, and he DIED. LITERALLY BEEN THERE, DONE THAT AND KILLED IT.

  • Lydia-Twin and Lydia appearantly being for reals = bleh. That relationship was always treated like more of a hook-up, physical thing, with Lydia explicitly saying that's what she wanted but ofc heaven forbid a girl is only into a guy for sex so it must be tru wuv. I like Danny-Twin and Danny, though, they're cute and seem genuinely into each other.

All I have time for right now, I need to go to bed. Keep getting to bed late, sleeping badly, didn't even have a good nap today. >< FML, etc etc.