August 14th, 2013


Still alive

Yeah so, I'm kinda posting a lot on Tumblr atm, it just feels easier most of the time? It's probably not good for me, I think I'm becoming part of the Tumblr hivemind, so I'll try to spend some more time here.

Number one evidence of my Tumblr-brainwashing: I LOVE WELCOME TO NIGHT VALE. Welcome to Night Vale is, for those of you who don't already know, a bi-monthly podcast (yes podcast) in the form of a fake radio show for a fictional (but awesome) desert town. It's been described with everything from NPR to Lovecraft to Twin Peaks and Twilight Zone, but personally I find the tone to be kind of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman-ish, and the town is sort of like Haven except way weirder and everyone knows and accepts all the weird crap as normal. I guess once you have cats living suspended in midair in the bathroom or hooded figures in the dog park that doesn't allow dogs (or people) then suddenly appearing pyramids and glowing clouds raining dead animal corpses is just another Wednesday. Unless Wednesday has been cancelled due to a scheduling error, which can and has happened. XD
It's mostly random community updates about life around town, but it has continuity/recurring storylines and regular characters and even a ship.

I'm addicted and in love, I'm craving fantasy really badly right now so it's easily taken over my brain and my only woe is that it's "just" a podcast, but the ever-growing fandom is providing a LOT of extra material. Listen to iiiit, talk to me about iiiit.

Anyhoo, must be off to bed, hope everyone's good!