August 6th, 2013



I'M GETTING A NEW DISHWASHER! TOMORROW!! FUCKING HELL YES! Because oh yeah, mine broke again (slash was never really fixed), and it turns out it's broke so bad that the repair man is stumped because he's never seen this happen before. I feel weirdly ... proud? My dishwasher may be broken, but it's special broken. I wore it out so hard I broke it in a unique, never-before-seen way! OCD bitches, that's just how I do! XD
But for reals, I'm super relieved, I didn't think they would agree to switch it out without a major fight so I was gearing up for like, storming into their headquarters and threatening to move or throwing dishes at them until they gave in, and I'm not really a fan of conflict so I'm really happy I didn't need to do that.

Meanwhile I'm spending way too much time overthinking a challenge for tv_universe and I need to just stop thinking and start doing, especially since my plans are sort of mostly outside the requirements - I want to make a poster and a picspam but really we only need to cast 5 people and write some stuff. WHAT CAN I SAY, I READ WHAT I WANTED TO READ. I've atleast decided to set it in the suburbs, so that's progress, but I still need to decide how the sharks are getting there... (I'm sure this makes total sense if you have no idea what the challenge is btw. XD)

Casting of Twelve: I'm reserving judgment but hoping his acting is more likable than he looks, and I'm pleased he's older because I was not here for this Doctor being a pimply teenage boy and I was honestly feeling like that was a possible direction, especially with Moffat at the helm because if he is anything it is a pimply teenage boy. The shit he keeps saying, it's almost funny in a "did you actually just say that?" kind of way? He's like a cartoon, or a sitcom character. "Shit Moffat Says", coming to CBS this fall!

I should comment on Continuum and TB but I'm finding I don't particular care enough.