July 31st, 2013


Never thought I'd say this but ... I think I'm sick of icecream?

Day 5 without a dishwasher, am now at the point of having those cartoon hallucinations where my cat turns into a grilled turkey (or in my case: a bowl of pasta). For one brief glorious moment this morning I thought it was fixed, but then nope, same problem, no improvement, fuck everything. Pretty much everything I've eaten the last few days have been chocolate-something - meal replacement bars, ice cream, candy - I may actually be getting sick of chocolate, you guys. CHOCOLATE. Like, I did not think that was even possible. And seriously, candy instead of actual food = waaaaay less fun than it sounds, I do not recommend it one bit.

Teen Wolf:[Spoiler (click to open)]Loved this episode, with a few exceptions. Actually kind of a lot of exceptions, but I really really loved the reveal about Lydia being a banshee - they took the thing I found annoying about her (how she was written, not her personality) and turned it into a positive! While also throwing in some character growth/developement! They Britta Perry'd her!
Good use of mythology too - banshees haven't been done to death and fits in to the show's mythology without feeling like, well, True Blood (here, have some werewolves! And werepanthers! And how bout ghosts, fairies, shifters, and anything else we can find by googling "mythological creatures!"), same with druids too, it all fits in without feeling like they're stretching the world out too much.
That's enough praise though, because I did not like: Jennifer being the darach was lazy, stupid writing, very disappointed in that and it didn't make sense to me so whatever to that whole thing. Cora possibly dying without ever getting a personality = nope, don't do that. Stiles' dad possibly dying? UN-FREAKING-ACCEPTABLE IS WHAT, BETTER NOT HAPPEN OR ELSE. I cannot deal with sad orphan Stiles, I just cannot.

Under the Dome:[Spoiler (click to open)]Is it just me or is this show basically: "OH NO WE'RE TRAPPED UNDER A DOME AND THERE'S A HUGE PROBLEM OF SOME SORT AND WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIIIIIE OMGOMG ... oh wait, it's fixed, okay we're cool for now, errybody go home!". Like, that's every episode? Also, "we're trapped under a dome" is kind of the least bad-sounding sentence of all time, in terms of inspiring horror or suspence - I know it comes with problems (*cough* continually easily solvable ones, appearantly *cough*) but it really just sounds sort of lame. A "dome", oh no, a scary scary dome!
Not cool with them killing Rose, aka one of the few characters I found likable at all (plus I was pretty pleased to see Sabrina's aunt Zelda again, it made me nostalgic!), and really fucking sick of Angie and her ridiculous unbelieable bad luck. As for Barbie and Julia, it's a shame because I could ship that if he wasn't a creepy killer with clear impulse control issues who was lying to her face.
I was legit disappointed that this was renewed just because I felt like it would have been soooo much better as a miniseries, and now it's gonna be dragged out and I'll probably keep watching out of curiosity that will never be satisfied. Or atleast not for a long time. Blargh. Damn my curiosity.

Also started watching Orange is the New Black, basically caving to the never-ending stream of stuff about it on Tumblr and LJ before all of it makes me biased against it (I still have that rebellious "don't tell me what to like!" thing sometimes with over-hyped things). 8 episodes in and I like it about as much as I expected - ie, not to the point of raving about it but enough that I'll keep watching. It's good, def worth checking out, def worth MOST of the hype for it.

Bed bed sleep, keep all fingers and toes crossed for my dishwasher tomorrow. I cannot eat another meal replacement bar.