July 28th, 2013


Ice cream for dinner is not as fun as it seemed when I was 8

One of my nightmares came true: The dishwasher is broken, since day before yesterday, which means I'm out of clean dishes and have no hope of a real meal until the damned thing is fixed. If that sentence doesn't make sense then just remember how I'm cray-cray and have OCD and phobias and Aspergers so everything has to be just-so, both in terms of what I eat and how I eat it. So for the time being I'm stuck with disposable mugs and plates (the utensils I bought smelled like a chemical plant so they're out) and whatever I can eat straight out of the package:
Yesterday's dinner: Popcorn, soda, Toblerone, chocolate-covered nuts.
Today's dinner: 2 ice creams, some saltines, more nuts and some chocolate milk.
I had clean cups enough to manage oatmeal so far but tomorrow I'll be winging breakfast as well so it'll be interesting to see what new levels of hunger-cranky I'll reach then. ><

Anyways, first world problem really, complaining about having to eat ice cream and candy for dinner, somewhere my 8 year old self is facepalming and going "WHERE IS THE PROBLEM HERE". But yeah, that's how my weekend is going and I am not happy about it. On the bright side this means I've been handed a new excuse to goof off and neglect my responsibilities - which granted I kind of didn't want to do right now, but who am I to pass on an opportunity to procrastinate. Only problem is I'm pretty determined to save ALL THE THINGS for fall/winter, so I don't have a whole lot of shows to watch and games to play despite having lots of both. I've been solving the problem by catching up on Burn Notice (which I wasn't going to do but it's summery so it works right now) and rewatching things though, and poking around the interwebs and attempting Photoshop.

This has been the world's most boring post ever, thank you and good night.