July 19th, 2013


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I got my new glasses. I ... think I hate them. Comfort-wise they seemed fine at first but have become increasingly horrible and painful all evening to the point where I can barely stand to keep them on anymore. And looks-wise they're WAY too big, like those comically oversized joke-glasses - I mean I wanted bigger ones but these are just too big, they make my eyes look tiny. Mom and the sales rep were all about them but I feel like they either lie or are just wrong and I'm kicking myself for deciding on them so rashly. Should have thought about it and taken some more pictures and looked more carefully at those pictures, fuuuuck. I know I should give them a while but I just really hate them and feel nauseous, partly from the headache they're giving me and partly from spending 5k on them. Maybe I can change my mind, you should be allowed to change your mind, but I hate making a fuss. :/

Feeling pretty FML in general at the moment so I'm just sticking my head into anything that isn't reality. Need more better things to watch but as usual I've seen everything. I started on AHS s2 but bleh, too showy/trippy. Watched Tangled today, because it keeps popping up on Tumblr every now and then and looked cute, which it was, and I'm always in awe of the animation these days (actually tried to watch another non-animated movie after that sucked  and I turned it off but before then I had time to think "damn, they really have gotten amazing at animation!" one more time and then I realized I wasn't watching animated anymore). Although I'm way too cranky and cynical for Disney singing right now (unless it's one of the oldies, because then I will belt out I Just Can't Wait To Be King at full volume complete with dancing like any self-respecting child of the 90s), especially since the songs ain't nearly what they used to be.

I finished Bioshock, it was amazing and I loved it to bits, have been listening to a fanmix (Welcome to Rapture) and hoping the second will come up on the sale. It's already half off but if there's a chance of 70% then I'll hold out for that, seeing as how I've been spending way too much already both on games and not. Not sure what to play until then, I'm overwhelmed by choices (yes woe is me, I know). So I've started replaying Tomb Raider because ... that makes sense to me. Gonna go do that now actually and try not to think about my horrible glasses.