July 13th, 2013


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So that idea about a recommending community I posted about? I haven't forgotten about it or ditched it, in fact I've been thinking about it a lot the past couple of days again - I really feel like this is something that's missing and that I wish existed, especially any time I set out to try a new game or show or when I look for movies to watch or books to read. The problem is, basically I lack the knowledge and vocabulary to go forward with it - there are things and concepts and ideas that I have no words for, and I don't know where they came from or if I thought of them and if they are any good (so really pretty much just another day in the life of my brain, but even more confusing and frustrating). I really just want to dial up a proper feminist/human rights advocate and go "hey, you know what the world needs? THIS. Could you get on that? Kthx!", and not because I don't want to do the heavy lifting (because I do, I want to make something) but because I don't feel ... worthy, I guess. Educated enough, well-informed enough, capable, able, etc.

But yeah, until I find one of these dial-a-feminists or something, I guess I'm keeping at it. Maybe if I get the ball rolling some actually capable people will join in, or be inspired to start their own thing. The idea is mutating all the time though, and right now I'm back to thinking of it more like "pass or fail" thing - like putting all these things to a test and seeing what parts pass and which doesn't. Like the Bechdel test, which I've been reading/hearing more about lately, I want something like that but broader, bigger, more comprehensive and not just confined to feminism. Again, this is where my lack of knowledge trips me up - is there such a thing? Should there be? And if not and if so, could there be? Personally I feel like there should be, there should be some basic test to determine atleast a few things about a work of fiction, things like if there are female characters, racial diversity, sexual violence etc. Just so that you can look for things that you won't regret spending time or money on, or to avoid things that you don't want to see, or get help determining if it's worth watching despite those flaws. I mean that last part would be more on the community than the test itself, but having that as a starting point would make it easier to find what you're looking for, right? Or avoid what you're not looking for?

Sigh. But yeah. You can see why I'm getting nowhere fast.

Meanwhile, it's FFAF time and LJ is down (note to self: don't press post until maintenance is done). Taking this as a sign LJ hates Europeans - FFAF is short enough for us as it is, provided we want to get any sleep during actual night-hours. Couldn't they have scheduled it for Saturday or Sunday just as well? I mean, ONTD *is* their biggest community by kind of a huge margin, just seems like something to consider when picking maintenance times. /Petty whining over, ignore me, I'm just bored.

What else.... Oh yeah, I tried out Graceland today, it was fine. Very USA-y, sadly more in the Common Law-kind of way than Psych or Suits, but maybe it'll grow on me. Atleast it's something to watch with dinner. Fully caught up with Twisted but kinda already over it? Too much ~teen dramaz, and I feel like I get my fill of that in PLL, TW, Bunheads, etc.

Man I feel lost without LJ. Kinda too late to start something new too... Ah yes, I can watch some Extra Credits episodes - short episodes! .... *8 episodes and a lot of Tumblr later* YAY LJ IS BACK! FINALLY!