July 2nd, 2013


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Still pondering on the whole recommendations-community thingy, but leaning towards giving it a try maybe? Thanks to everyone for voting in the poll, and if you haven't already I'd be much obliged if you did!

TV stuffs:

Lost Girl s3:

[Spoiler (click to open)]

I ended up actually liking this season quite a bit? There were some weak spots, new and old, but overall it was such a huge improvement on s2 and return back to what made s1 good, I ended up feeling quite giddy by the time I reached the finale. The primary Big Bad was terrible though, Joey from Big Love, such an obvious bad guy from the start and then he goes full on cartoon-villain in the finale before being easily defeated in a roundabout way - and without Bo. Atleast they had a back-up, and I kinda liked what we saw of him so far. Cheesy as all get out of course, but that's in line with the show, and I respect anyone who picks their own theme song. Remains to be seen if he can live up to the hype after all this build-up, but I'm intrigued.
Other than that, and some really weird leap-froggy pacing that made me feel like I had missed a couple of scenes or an episode, it was all good though - Kenzi was no less awesome than usual, Trick is still alive (I'm constantly worried he'll die, IDK why) and to my great surprise I freaking adore Tamsin. Obviously when she showed up, blonde and hanging around Dyson I immediately facepalmed and expected a repeat of last season's mess, but shockingly she was kind of amazing! I really hope she's not dead/that she comes back next season, like, to the point where I might be upset if she doesn't. Oh, and I wouldn't mind seeing Vex again either, I liked him and Kenzi hanging out.

Basically, overall, yay this show is back on track! :D *Squishes it* Next up: Defiance.

True Blood:

[Spoiler (click to open)]

Is it just me or is Nora and the governor's daughter scarily similar? Really, they look like twins. Which makes me even less psyched about Eric's storyline this season, and I was already nhft. Actually I'm not feeling basically any of the storylines this season, I'm mostly just watching for the lolz, which aren't really that many either... :/ IDK, the end I guess.

Right, gotta make myself go to bed now, got an appointment to talk to a guidance counsellor tomorrow about taking courses this fall so I gotta get up earlier.