June 30th, 2013


Recommendations Community Thingy?

Poll #1921676 Should I do a thing?

Should I create a community/group/joint-Tumblr for recommendations (shows/movies/books etc) based on -isms?

Yes, on LJ!
Yes, on Tumblr!
Yes, somewhere else!
Don't know, don't care.

If I did this, would you contribute/join?

Yes and I would help run/mod!
Yes and I would contribute/post.
Yes, I would join.
Maybe, I don't know.

What mediums should be included? (Check all that apply)

TV shows
Video games

What should it be called?

Culture Recs
Better Fiction
Better With Fiction
Something else but I don't know what
Writing in my suggestion below

Your name suggestion here!

Clarifications and elaborations:
For a while now I've been missing a source of recommendations based not just on general good-ness but also on how the material deals with issues like racism or sexism. Obviously this is as subjective/debatable as what constitutes good TV/movies/books/etc, so I feel like it would need to be a community effort, somewhere where many people can weigh in and support/disagree with the recommendations so that people can choose how to spend their time wisely based on their individual concerns. But, despite wanting this to be accessible to anyone regardless of how many textbooks on the subjects you've read, I do feel inadequate to tackle this project alone - I know my grasp of most social issues is tenuous at best and that I'm far from an expert or authority on these matters. (Plus, as someone with Aspergers I always feel better if I have someone who keeps me "in check", acts as a sounding board etc.) Thusly, if I'd do this, I'd need someone to help hold the reigns of it, especially on that end.
Of course, there would also need to be regular contributors as well - people to post recs and weigh in on other people's recs, so that's also what I'm testing the waters for with this poll (which will be cross-posted between Tumblr and LJ). The more answers the easier/faster I can decide if to push forward with this.

How it would work:
Using LJ as an example, since I'm more familiar with that, but theoretically this should be adaptable for Tumblr or a different site alltogether. (There's also the possibility of doing both, but that seems like a down-the-line and if-we-have-the-time-and-people-for-it kind of idea.)

Open membership if possible, banning any disrespectful assholes etc, aiming for an open and inviting but strictly respectful vibe. Posting is moderated and follows a template: short description of the plot, why you recommend it/what it does well, notable actors, maybe a trailer, maybe some critics reviews if from good sources, and then quotes from other members and a poll where people can agree or disagree with the rec. Like so (very rough unformatted example):

Recommended Show: Orphan Black

Plot: Stuff happens, and also things.

Why you should watch it: It good, does stuff well.

Notable actors: That guy from Eureka and Falling Skies, and introducing Tatiana Maslany as your future queen and goddess in the roles of EVERYONE EVER.

[Trailer here, fanmade or official]

What critics are saying: "Blah blah we love it!"

What other fans are saying: "Blah blah we ADORE it!"

[Poll: Do you agree with this review, YES or NO?]

And then people comment and those comments can be edited in at the "what other fans are saying" section.

We could also have a weekly "ask for recs" post, where you can comment saying "I'm looking for this specific type of thing: throw some recs at me!".

What's set in stone:
Nothing, basically. Pretty much everything is up for debate/changable at this point, so if you feel like this idea would be better if it had more shrimp or something... We could do that. Not sure how, but we could.
The only thing I want to keep is the social issues angle - because there's tons of recommendations based on what is just "good", but nothing I can find that recs based on how well things are dealt with that should be dealt with well (to Dr Suess it). But exactly WHICH social issues - other than feminist issues because appearantly that's my thing now - is open for debate, some possibilities being LGBTQ issues, racism, depicting of disabilities/handicaps/mental illness, etc.
It should be noted I hate all of my name ideas so please feel very free to submit your own.

If you like this idea (or if you don't and want to spare me the time/effort/failure) please fill out the poll? Thanks!