June 20th, 2013


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Quick TV post before bed (famous last words) because I lost a few hours playing Photoshop.

[Spoiler (click to open)]Ugh I don't know what it is about Garza but she just makes me skin crawl somehow - not that I'm super-fond of any of the Liber8s, but she's the worst to me. Still, I'm happy they adressed the Alec situation, I think the thing I'm most invested with in show is his future and wanting it to not be as evil creepy future-him. Gotta hand it to Eric Knudsen though, he's really good at playing the balance, it really feels like he could go either way.
Also pleased Emily doesn't seem to be straight-up evil/seems to really care about him, it's a bit cliché but I still prefer that to her completely faking it. I want her to stay, I think I kind of love her? And not just because of that awesome scene when she totally kicked that guy's ass last episode... But okay, a lot because of that, yeah, not gonna lie.
Surprised they killed Gardner so quickly! Surprised and again pleased - I hate those types of characters with a passion so they either needed to turn him over to Kiera's side or kill him and ... they opted for option B! Okie dokie then!

[Spoiler (click to open)]I'm actually really kind of excited about this top 20? Mainly because: HIP HOP GIRL YASSSSSSSSS! Finally! How long has it been since we've had one? I seriously cannot remember anyone after Comfort? So yeah, obviously she's my favorite right off the bat, and also she was amazing in her routine and I'm kind of in love with her (and her body - that's not creepy to say when it's a dance show, right?). Although it is going to be WAY weird to cheer for someone who has the same name as me, with the same spelling I used when I was 15... :s Awwwkward.
Other faves: Jade, Fik-Shun (appearantly that's how it's spelled, I'm consulting the website for names here), Nico, Alexis, Bluprint, Jenna. Can you tell I'm kind of over contemporary for reals this year? And apart from Nico no one really stood out for me in that department as anything new/special. Happily it's a pretty diverse top 20 this year, I hope that continues to be the case the rest of the season.
Least faves (aka my appearantly obligatory "ugh go awayyyy" people): Malece (aka Melanie 2.0), Jasmine (aka USED TO DATE CYRUS, LETS GOSSIP ABOUT THAT!) and Tucker (/his floppy gross dumb hair that I just want to shave because he's actually not un-attractive without it).