June 11th, 2013


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It's the season of memes!

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*Adds friending memes to list of addictions, next to gifs, fonts and chocolate.* Go do it! And to new friends from this, I just posted an introductory post here with some quick basics about me, and of course welcome and may your sanity survive my lack thereof. ;)

I got suspended for spamming today, fun times. They undid it reasonably fast which is the reason I'm here and not unpacking over at Dreamwidth right now but seriously, get it together LJ, you can't afford to be any more annoying than you already are! I basically hyperventilated when I couldn't post/comment, because that's a healthy and normal reaction to being cut off from a site... I just really don't like the look of DW though. Don't make me leave you, LJ!

[Falling Skies season premiere]

Appearantly Falling Skies is back, after what feels like a several years long hiatus. Could really not remember what happened last season, even with the previouslies. Also eww time jumps. :/ In fact there was a lot of things I want to ewww at: special/evil baby-storyline (worst!), more mindcontrol nonsense/Hal the Sleepwalking Cheater, the death of Locke, and the trailer for the future episodes looked equal parts promising and facepalmingly stupid. But I'll watch, of course, because aliens. I like the new ones, they remind me a lot of some of the aliens in Mass Effect, and I wish we knew more about them and saw their introduction from the beginning. How are they communicating in English? What happened after they arrived? Thanks for skipping the interesting bits yet again, show. And yay, new scary mechs, although I still find the regular kinds creepier somehow.

Was Taggart from Eureka/Dr Leekie from Orphan Black around last season? I saw him and went "Taggart! No wait, DR LEEKIE!", I'm glad to see him though, I like the actor. He's sort of Christopher Heyerdahl-ish, sort of likable in a weird way, but also verrrry good at being creepy? Less psyched about seeing Rev Camden in the promo though. :/

[Game of Thrones season finale]

Game of Thrones finale: As usual not nearly as strong as ep 9 but I do like that they check in with everyone before breaking to hiatus (except Margaery and Olenna). Highlights: Ygritte shooting Jon, Ygritte shooting Jon THREE TIMES (you go girl!), Team Bran meeting up with Sam, Sam reuniting with Jon (more people need to meet up on this show! They're too scattered, and not just the Starks!), Tyrion sticking up for Sansa, Joffrey and Tywin and the whole council meeting thing, Yara and Shae being badasses and ofc Team Dany and the Epic Mosh Pit (and the score for that, which gave me serious chills). Special mention to Davos, because people have been singing his praises for a while now and because the whole Stannis thing has been so boring I just did not get it, but now I do. I dooo. Davos FTW, and I even like Stannis/Melissandre a bit more now after them going "fuck this whole Who Wants to be a Westerosi King bullshit, there are fucking ZOMBIES ARE COMING". Finally, someone with freaking priorities.

Lowlights: Greywind's head on Robb's body was awful (I'm thankful that Tumblr prepared me for it but it was still horrible to see) and Arya seeing it was doubly so, Theon's dick-in-a-box (although I admit to laughing at the related jokes on Tumblr, because I'm 12 and also an awful person), another freaking torture scene with him and Ramsay*, the very lackluster and unsatisfying return of Jaime to Kings Landing, not seeing Sansa find out about Cat and Robb or who told her.

*=Can I just say what a completely shite job the writers/showrunners have done with this part of the storyline? Not just dragging the torture out to ridiculous degrees, but with the actual thing of who's behind it and why? Because from what I can gather this Roose Bolton guy - who I legit hadn't noticed was appearantly Robb's right hand man? - is ... Ramsay's father-with-another-mother? And they're torturing Theon because ... they want the Greyjoys out of the North which they until now did not possess? IDK, I'm still confused, and that's with some assistance from Tumblr. And I've managed to follow everything else on this show pretty damned well, as someone who hasn't read the books, so I feel like it's not just me being dense here. This show has a LOT of characters, and they just dropped the ball with this storyline, IMO. And then ofc the gratuitous torture which, after the 5th scene certainly, served no purpose other than shock-value (of which this show has plenty anyway).

I have SO MUCH I want to do right now, and it's fun but also very stressful and I do not deal well with stress. :/ I just do not have enough tiiiime, how do I get more? :(