May 22nd, 2013



Visit with contact person and people from help thingy (living assistance, basically - they help with whatever people needs help with on an as-needed basis, I had some contact with them before), went fine but was a bit exhausting. There were 3 of them - I thought my CP was bringing one person but she brought 2 - not sure there's been that many people in my apartment ever. Atleast not where half of them wasn't me + mom. Lotus seemed intimidated, usually he's running around doing the cat equivalent of yelling "LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME, AREN'T I CUTE, HEY WHY DON'T YOU THINK I'M CUTE, IMMA BITE YOU!" but this time he mostly just sniffed around a bit and then went to lie down, poor dear.
Anyways, that's progressing and I'm processing it or trying to anyway. Just need to find some polite and discreet way of mentioning that I do want any smokers in my apartment, I always forget that that is not implied just by people knowing I have AS and am hypersensitive to smells. I should make a sign in the hallway - "Hello and welcome to Crazytown. Do not use my bathroom, touch my stuff unless I permit it. Absolute ban on germs and smells. Thank you and feel free to not come again!".

I dunno if I mentioned, but I ordered a new camera to replace my broken old one and it arrived yesterday. Finally got around to trying it out just now (yesterday = charging, today = mostly dead from visit) and it seems good, although I don't really understand it yet. Also now that I actually have it naturally my mind is just gone completely blank - zero inspiration. Not that I had much when I ordered it, I just didn't really realize it until now. I mean, I want to learn how to, I just don't know what to practice on. Well, the cat ofc, but he gets cranky if I bug him too much and it's hard to get him into any kind of good lighting (tbh mostly because all my lighting is dim and sucky - I don't really believe in windows much). Obviously there's stuff outside, but A) it's almost 3am now so no going outside and B) even when I do go outside I need to conquer my irrational fear of publicly taking pictures (I keep thinking someone is gonna come and say it's illegal to photograph here, told ya it was irrational).

Same goes with all my creative endeavours really - I'd like to tinker with Photoshop but have no inspiration. I'm learning coding, but have no motivation in terms of wanting to make a website or anything. I've toyed with the idea of learning vidding, but again, I wouldn't know what vids to make (also a bit deterred by the copyright factor, but that's another issue). Thinking about lifting my own ban on new drama shows (comedies were exempt), clearly what I need right now is to get an obsession going because nothing inspires like an obsession! Got Hannibal and Orphan Black lined up, not sure if I missed anything else the past few months. Any kind of obsession right now would be a godsend, as a bonus it would distract me from the Ghost of Obsessions Past coming back soon.

The Goodwin Games:[Pilot review]I really wanted to like this, because the concept looked cute and I love Scott Foley and Becki Newton, and ... I did like it. After a while, and with some effort. It started off pretty cutesy and glib which felt a little bit off, but it straightened out and got better, and then got a bit cutesy again. Unfortunantely, or perhaps just as well, it's appearantly not likely to get picked up and is only ordered for 7 episodes, which makes me wonder why the hell they even bothered to make it at all, but ... who knows. I hope it does get picked up, mostly because I want more Scott Foley (mmrawr) and Becki Newton being all Amanda-y but with more brains and less mean. It did have a bit of a Ben & Kate vibe, so any fans of that might want to give it a go.

I think I shall go peruse TV Tropes for some more ideas for things to watch (I know, TV Tropes at 3am - I'm playing a dangerous game! If you don't hear from me again it's because I got stuck and forgot to go to bed and eat and am now a skeleton still clutching the mouse with my bony fingers. JSYK!), particularly the Action Girl page.