May 20th, 2013


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Random, sort-of update:

* I officially joined kopimism the other day, but already considering on forming my own version with Tim because ... well, mostly because their logo is ugly tbh. Also it seems incomplete, and I don't want to be bunched in with assholes, so basically our first commandment is "Don't be a dick", that's pretty much as far as we've gotten. But if anyone wants to get in on the ground floor, nab themselves some automatic sainthoods, lemme know! (JK, we're not doing saints.)

* I missed out on Eurovision, have been pfft-ing at it ever since The Ark came in 18th which sent me into a big old "WHAT-EVER ESC" rage, but I realized I miss it and love it so I'm watching next year for sure. I caught most of the voting and watched the entries online, I liked the winner, she was super-cute and yay for Denmark. Ours was horrible, the techno vampire opera guy was awesome and Greece was hilarious, other than it was mostly the usual stuff.

* It is officially summer - cancellations and renewals are mostly done, SYTYCD is back, season finales have mostly finished punching me in the face and I'm complaining about the heat instead of the cold as of 2 days ago! Good times. Still working on the project thingy but have been sort of slacking/gotten exhausted so it moves slowly.

* TV's been okay/good, decent finales for most shows, nothing I have a super-burning need to comment on though but if anyone wants to talk about anything particular my brain is always open.

* I will say this though, Doctor Who ... eesch. Can barely watch it anymore for all the eyerolling at Moffat's bullshit, this last episode was the worst. I mean I love Clara/JLC, but ... eeeeeesch. Oh, and way to rip off The Gentlemen on Buffy. Again. I look forward to seeing Ten again though, I don't even care what they do with him, I'll just disregard the bits I don't like.

* Spending a fair bit of time at Tumblr now, so if anyone particularly misses me you can find me there reblogging Densi gifs and throwing out random comments into the universe. Kinda nice without comments actually, I mean, there's no EXPECTATIONS of comments. It's a bit weird, but it has a refreshing feel to it compared to LJ in some ways. LJ has gotten kinda ... heavy, somehow. But hey, appearantly Yahoo is going to fuck it up buy it soon so...