May 6th, 2013


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[Doctor Who]Did anyone else find that episode SUPER-ANNOYING? Specifically the music in the background = distracting as all fucking hell. I spent the first half of the episode feeling off/out of whack and wonder why, and the second half being annoyed with the music when I realized that was what was wrong. It just seemed to be stuck in "OMG ~DRAMATIC THINGS HAPPENING" mode, so the whole episode felt like it was the finale of the episode, or a trailer for next week or something. It was just really freaking stressful.

The episode as such, from what I managed to gather in between frustrated sighs, wasn't particularly good either, so I guess atleast the music didn't ruin an otherwise good episode? The pacing was weird, I hate it when they start somewhere else and the Doctor/companion-of-the-year doesn't show up until later, and it depresses me to hear Jenny's name and remember that they'll probably never bring back Georgia Moffett to play THAT Jenny again. :/ Also it was such a shameful waste of the flawless and perfect Diana Rigg's talents - aka my new favorite Game of Thrones lady.

Final complaint: Look, I know DW has never been even remotely anchored in reality or logic, and I have a lifetime's experience of turning a blind eye to plot holes, but there are things that are just too damned contrived for even me to swallow. In this instance: Clara's nanny-kids A) looking up their nanny on google or whatever and B) finding not one but SEVERAL images of said nanny. Online, despite them being taken before digital cameras. Even if they found them in local newspapers at the library that's still too freaking farfetched, even for Doctor Who. Even for Moffat's Doctor Who.