May 5th, 2013



So yeah, Tomb Raider? I've never seen the movie (movies?) or played the games but I saw the trailer for the new version and put it on my wishlist on Steam and it came on sale this weekend, half-price, so I could not resist buying it (despite being pret-ty broke this month). It's ... BASICALLY PERFECT AND FANTASTIC AND EXCELLENT AND I LOVE IT. The graphics are stunning, the gameplay is the closest I've ever gotten to being INSIDE a movie (and probably as close as I *want* to get unless it's a romcom), the storyline is gripping and fastpaced and emotional... And then there's Lara, who is everything - everything I want from a character and a strong badass female and a hero, everything I want to be and want women to be in fictional works. She's fierce, smart, agile like a monkey and can somehow survive being shot, stabbed, set on fire, falling down ravines and getting blown up, and she's stupid gorgeous and I'm completely and utterly in love with her.

I just realized - plotwise this game is kind of like female!Arrow-from-flashbacks: it's set on a mysterious Asian island with an army of weird people led by a maniac, and Lara is basically Arrow but much more badass (even in present-day form Oliver can only get shot once, the wuss!) and also with guns in addition to her bow, because smart ladies cover all the bases. Also got some major The Descent vibes at several places, in the best possible way - creepy caverns, and coincidentally that movie was also about female badasses trying to survive! Basically it's like made for me, this game. It's everything I've ever wanted from games - hunting, fighting, puzzles, gorgeous scenery, survival, exploration, badassery and heroism, mysteries, action, it even has some hidden object things going on in a way. Seriously, all that's missing in order to make it the composit game of all games I've ever played is some zombies and a section where you match 3 or more objects. And I'm not done yet, so who knows!

It's on sale all weekend btw, so if you can afford it and are even mildly interested then I cannot recommend it enough, whether you're a serious gamer or just a fan of badass ladies. I reaaaaally need company in flailing about this game, I have a feeling it is going to be a major topic here for a while. Hearts in my eyes, guys.

<3 <3 <3 HEARTS IN MY EYES. <3 <3 <3