April 30th, 2013


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Game of Thrones: Special Bathing Edition
[Spoiler (click to open)]Seriously though, I think my favorite thing about this episode was the bathing, for hygiene/OCD reasons more than anything (especially Jaime was looking really gross). I mean, from a shippy standpoint they didn't suck either - and I do officially ship both those ships - but just ... I may have breathed a sigh of relief, basically, because boy that was making my OCD itch like crazy. Baths! BATHS FOR EVERYONE! WOO!

This would have been a perfect episode if we could have had more Margaery scenes instead of Stannis (any episode with Stannis = instant point-reduction, that dude is super-boring), but otherwise it hit up everyone I care about and then some so I didn't have to miss anyone. And they were pretty sweet scenes overall too!

  • Dany and the former-slave who liked his name because it's what he went by when she freed him. Aww. <3 Shuddup I'm not crying! YOU'RE CRYING! Tbh I was worried she would have to perform some sort of miraculous mass-psychotherapy in order to get those guys un-brainwashed - I'm not ready to toss that theory completely out the window but there's some hope atleast.

  • Ugh, Arya and Gendry, that was sweet and sad and depressing and yeah, I know, doomed ship is doomed. Blah. They'd be so cute together! And then sad Arya was sad. I feel like she's the one currently most in the need of some good stuff happening now, I want something to go her way. Maybe she'll atleast be reunited with Robb and Catelyn, I'd pay good money to see a reunion with any of the Starks.

  • Ygritte/Jon: GET IT, YOU TWO. I legit cheered, I don't mind telling you, was about damn time. I shall now start preparing myself for that ship to go down in flames, because no one on this show is allowed happiness/love, but atleast that happened and it was lovely. (When/if/most-likely-when it ends with Ygritte dead I will cry myself a waterfall of my own, she's my third favorite and the first two - Dany and Arya - I'm not too worried about given how central they are to the story. I have way too many favorites to feel really comfortable either way though.)

  • Brienne/Jaime: I ship it, in all forms. Like, I'd love it if they went romantic, but I don't think that'll happen so I'm also happy for them to just team up and plot their escape and become friends in the process. I love what this season has done for Jaime, which is basically in the span of 5 episodes completely transform him from a pretty straight-up douche to a complex and interesting character. I even almost felt for him when that guy did the "your sister is ...... DRUMROLL PLEASE ...... excuse me while I pause dramatically and make you think she's dead ...... ALIVE!" thing.

  • Ugh, Tyrion/Sansa, I knew that was a ship in the books and figured it would come up like that, but ... ugh. Forever love Tyrion's outrage/disgust with the idea, not just because he didn't want it for himself but because it would be cruel to Sansa. Gawd I hope Tywin dies, and soon, he's such a monster. Lol at Cercei being all gleeful about Tyrion's misery and then getting instantly karma-smacked herself though. Meanwhile and in other news: Queen of Thorns continues to pwn every person she comes in contact with. Cannot wait for her to face off with Tywin, finally someone who can stand up to that asshole and come out on top.