April 29th, 2013


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Went shopping today. Someone PLEASE tell me there's an Expectations/Reality meme of going shopping for decorating stuff? Because expectation: "Imma come home with so much nice stuff and my bedroom will look awesome, awww yeah!", and reality: "I got a couple of soap dispensers (that I will use for handlotion, like the rebel I am) and a sorta-pretty bottle that was cheap"... *Facepalm* I'm just gonna do my shopping online, atleast if that ends in failure it doesn't come with sore feet and anxiety. Although I did atleast get some snacks and stuff at the grocery store - popcorn and soda and I loaded up on those cracky chocolate nuts (I may have ended up with 4 bags. I'm not proud.) so it wasn't a complete bust. But still - note to self: the stores around here SUCK. Unless you're after really generic boring cheap stuff, then they're awesome and plentiful (we have 5 around this tiny town alone - not counting supermarkets and specialized cheap-stores).

And now I will ramble about random things, because I feel like it and because it's been a while since I just let my brain wander around a bit. It needs to stretch it's legs, sniff around a bit, maybe pee on a lamppost.
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