April 23rd, 2013


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Exciting news: I found crack in the grocery store yesterday! Not literally, but I wouldn't surprised if it was an ingredient because it is addictive as fuck - "it" being chocolate-covered nuts, which you think sounds simple enough and that's why I'm toying with the crack theory because it is FAR, FAR more delicious than it has any right to be. Like, peanut M&Ms? Thanks for playing but no, fuck you, ditto for Snickers and all the other nut-contenders. It actually tastes a lot like the long-lost candy love-of-my-life: Snack Pack, which was around in Sweden sometime in the late 90s-early 00s and only for like a year. Coincidentally it was the year I was on Cipramil which gave me really freaking big sugar-cravings to begin with, so that's basically when I went from chubby to obese.
Biggest shocker of all: It's Norwegian, it's called Nøtte Kos or somesuch, never heard of it before, never seen it before. Found it in the nuts-and-snacks department, not the candy department, but it tastes like candy/Snack Pack/possibly crack. Either way: Thank you Norway! (That's a genuine thanks from my taste buds and a sarcastic one from my many, many flabs of fat.)

[TOUS: First half of s8.]Been catching up on The Office (timing it with the final season ending, I quit at the end of s7). I'm getting towards the middle of s8 now, the break worked well as a mini palate cleanser and I went through a shorter version of what happened when I started watching the first time: Started with "ugh, this is stupid and annoying" and then it flipped over into "but it's also cute and sweet and occassionally even funny!". It is definitely tired though, I still with they would have quit around Jim/Pam's wedding. Andy's working really well as a Michael-replacement - he's very Michael 2.0 but IMO he always did need an upgrade so ... that works! The addition of Robert California (stupid name) has helped set him apart too, although I was sad to see Jo go. And even sadder she didn't take Gabe with her, because OMG he is the worst! He's like the human equivalent of wet toiletpaper. Someone please tell me he goes away soon. He's making Toby look darn right charismatic! Ugh. (Slight pang of missing Michael's Toby-hate, that was always one of his most redeeming qualities.)

[Game of Drago- I mean Thrones.]Game of Thrones: Yasssssss Dany! See, I knew she had a plan! No way she'd give up a dragon, especially not to that slimeball - you didn't need to speak Valyrian to know that dude was gross... But damn how cool was she with all that poker-facing and then revealing she knew the language? DAM GURL, HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT IS MY LANGUAGE-GEEKY FANTASY DREAM SCENARIO (=someone talking shit about you not realizing you can speak the language)? Like, if she wasn't my favorite before this? Ugh, I adore her, she's so fierce and beautiful and smart and awesome, she better win this shit. TEAM DANY ALL THE WAY.

PS: I love how Jorah and that other guy basically looked like fanboys at Comic Con in that scene. Like, I legit expected them to forget being rivals and just go straight into holding hands and jumping up and squeeing over her. I mean - they're not wrong, but way to be subtle dudes. Favorite Tumblr evidence: 1 & 2.

Also loving Margaery, doubly now for making Sansa happy and being so nice to her. (Ditto her grandmother, who I assume was the brains behind that plan, but we've already established how I feel about her undeniable awesomeness. Which did not get any less awesome during that chat with Varys - dude must have been so shocked/delighted to find someone who operates on his intelligence level - because sorry Tyrion, even you can be pretty dense sometimes, and obvsly everyone else is wayyyy too full of themselves.) Such a sweet scene with those two, I really hope it comes true for Sansa. Obviously it would suck to be married to a gay guy, but she'd be away from King's Landing and Joffrey and everything - she'd be safe, or atleast safer. And she wouldn't have to deal with Littlefinger, that guy gives me the creeps. I get the feeling he wants to collect all the female relatives of Catelyn, because if he can't have her then he'll build his own out of her relatives' body parts or something. *Shudder*
Margaery's also killing it with Joffrey, she's taming him like a puppy! I'm with Tywin on this one - if there's someone who can control that little asshole then kudos and thanks, that is the opposite of being a problem. Also Cercei, better luck with that "hey dad, remember me, your daughter?" speech once Jaime comes home with one hand (and the other hanging round his neck - nice touch there, captors! Way to rub it in.), but until then? I wouldn't bother.

Good riddance to Craster - only time you'll find me cheering for the ingrateful, rude and whiny watchers, but I did - I cheered for that shit to go down. Bit of a shame about Mormont, but he stood idly by and let Craster be - there's no excusing that. How much of the Night's Watch is left now? I feel like so many of them have died/skipped out. More of Jon/Ygritte now plx.

Theon's storyline made a bit more sense by the end of this episode, but it still felt like a really long and roundabout way to go just to loop back to square one again. Can't say I specifically care about it either way - Barry is clearly batshit cray-cray but Theon's an asshole so whatever. Bigger fish on this show, better ways to spend the time, this just kind of seems like an excuse for some torture porn. Hope it ties in with the bigger stuff in some way soon.

Arya's stuff was good, loved the callback to Mycah (who I had completely forgot about tbh) and that she spoke up and was heard. Maybe these Brotherhood types aren't so bad.
Bran's stuff was boring though - give the poor boy something more exciting than dreams! Or hell, atleast make the dreams exciting. Surely a kid his age has more exciting things to dream about than chasing birds and getting scolded by mommy.
Still no idea what the plan is with Podrick, but appearantly it wasn't just a throw-away joke in last week's episode so that's one thing crossed off the list of possibilities. Not that I have one of those, because again: not a clue where they are going with that.

Anyway, in conclusion:

Okay good, so we're all in agreement that Dany is muthafuckin gangsta. Excellent.