April 21st, 2013



So I finished off (Telltale's) The Walking Dead...

[Spoiler (click to open)]

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Pretty much. It's not like I was all that invested in it from the start (mainly because I usually don't get emotional over comics/graphic novels/animated characters) and weirdly I think that was part of the problem because that meant I didn't think ahead too much about what to expect. Once I realized I cared it was too late to talk myself out of caring, which is how I usually deal with the icky sad parts of zombie stories. Because I mean, it's weird that I love them, given my feelings on sad things, right? I should not love apocalypses, especially not the zombie ones, because there are no happy endings in the apocalypse. It's really super-weird that I like them.

Okay, stalling a bit because I don't want to talk about this particular unhappy ending, but I don't have all night so: Yeah. That suuuuucked. And how mean was that final scene?! Was that Christa and Omid?! Was it zombies? Random people? I NEED TO KNOW. Clem can't be on her own! What happened to Christa and Omid if that wasn't them? NOT COOL, GAME, NOT COOL. And just ugh, that final scene with Clem and Lee. So sad. Her parents being dead kinda got breezed past though, I thought that would be a bigger deal. Nice throwback to the car with the food - I wonder what happens if you choose to not take the food? The group votes you down and do it anyway? I was going to replay this but I don't think I'll subject me to that any time soon, or possibly ever.

But, in case I do, some day...
Decisions I regret: Saving Doug over that other lady, killing Larry before he turned, not chopping off that guy's leg in the forest, sticking up for Ben at the start, playing this game (kidding, mostly).
Decisions I'd make again: Saving Duck over the adult at the farm, letting Duck help out with the investigation, having Lee be honest about his past/the bite.

Ugh, I hate crying. I hate PMS for making me all emotional/moody. I hate that I don't have any good snacks/chocolate at home. I hate that I have to go shopping groceries tomorrow (but atleast that'll take care of the not-having-snacks problem). I'm too sad to go to bed. :(

Okay, did some Buzzfeed, now I'm better.