April 15th, 2013


Project: Non-update

Seemed like it was time for an update on this, even if it'll be most a non-update cause not much is going on atm. I've started up with cleaning my closet again, filled 3 garbage bags with stuff to throw again. Still thinking a lot about moving, one second I'm convinced the right thing to do is to move to that building, the next I've thought up 5 good reasons to stay here. But I think a lot of that is my Aspie hatred of change and general fear of making bad decisions - I really do feel like a move, and that house, would be good for me. Not just for the swimming pool, but admittedly that does top the list of arguements because I want to get fit and that would just be perfect. But I don't even know if there's an apartment there I'd like (the ones I've seen blueprints of are mostly blah) or when one will be avaliable, so ... I clean. And organize. And throw stuff out, and generally just try to get ready to move, cause even if it doesn't happen that'll still be time well spent.

My contact person is coming on Friday, so I'm gonna ask her if she knows/can find out about getting me some more help-people - mom's not really able to commit to helping me out with this full time, cause obviously she has work and stuff going on, and I need someone to kick me in the pants and help me make things actually happen. But yeah, that's pretty much where things are right now. Spending most my time on Pinterest/Lifehacker/various other useful sites, looking for inspiration/ideas/tips etc.