April 9th, 2013

shameless: fiona


Shameless:[Spoiler (click to open)]FFS, THIS SHOW AND IT'S PUNCHING OF MY FEELINGS. I knew they wouldn't be able to top last year's final two episodes, but they did match it, in very different ways. They also performed actual magic in making me genuinely like Frank despite him being the actual worst person on television with the only possible exception of Joffrey on Game of Thrones. Just the shit he pulled this season alone should be enough to make him permanently unlikable! And yet: him hanging out with Lip, obviously being super-proud? And then letting Carl shave his head? DAMN YOU SHOW, WHY ARE YOU MAKING ME FEEL WARM AND FUZZY FEELINGS FOR HIM? WHY WOULD YOU MAKE ME NOT WISH HIM DEAD? Bastard show.

On the flip side, Jimmy had better be dead and stay that way. I doubt he is, though, and that's going to be an annoying shadow hanging over the show next season. I bet you anything he resurfaces just when Fiona's gotten over it and moved on, and ruins everything because he's the worst. (After Joffrey and Frank, obvsly.) I just don't understand how they can expect us to want him and Fiona together after this season, they basically took an assault rifle to his character and that relationship and completely cured me of any ort of shippery feelings I ever had. And yet I've seen people hoping he's alive and that he and Fiona ends up together, so I guess I can atleast take some comfort in that I'm not the craziest and most delusional shipper (for once). It's not really all that comforting.

Ian enlisting seems like it'll probably not last long since he faked his way in there, but boy that scene with him and Mickey was sad and perfect. I feel like the theme of this season was "Gallaghers, you deserve better", what with Ian and Mickey and Lip and Mandy and Fiona and Jimmy. Nice to finally see the end of Karen and Jody (hopefully, for now atleast), shame they didn't take Shiela with them but I guess this show needs her to keep Showtimey levels at "Making censorship seem like a good idea".


Game of Thrones: [Spoiler (click to open)]Pretty slow episode, but with this show that basically means you're watching wizard's chess - pieces being moved around but in a really suspenseful way with occasional swordfights! Basically: it works, even when not much happens and it's basically an hour of checking in with people and introducing new characters.

Loved: Margaery's grandmother is obviously and clearly the greatest thing ever, such an awesome badass lady. Really liked her and Margaery taking Sansa in and getting her to dish on Joffrey too, and their completely unfussed reaction to said dish (which became less surprising once I realized that Margaery is the freaking child-psychopath-whisperer! Seriously, girl has skillz.).
Another thing I love is that this season seems to have a whole lot of archery, which as you know is one of my kinks/favorite things so keep that coming please and thank you.
Jaime and Brienne = comedy gold, best combination of characters. Also I kind of ship it.

Like: The new kids in the Bran-storyline are somewhat intriguing, but overall that storyline is still one of the least interesting ones. Also holy crap, that kid has grown up a bunch! It's lucky time in this show is pretty much indeterminable or that would be a serious issue, ditto with Arya. Her storyline though: also a bit meh, but looking up now? And I can watch her give 'tude to people all day, she's so cute and fierce.
Why do I feel like every other sentence Ygritte says to Jon starts with "What, you've never" and ends with "before?!", and the other half is just her going "You know nothing"? And why is it that I don't mind this at all? (Oh right, because I SHIP IT.)
Well-needed moment of slight character redemption for Catelyn, who I hate on the basis of her taking her marital insecurities out on an innocent child. And when I say "slight", I do mean sliver-thin, miniscule and barely noticable. Like, for a millisecond I went "aww, Cat... Oh, no wait, you're still awful, never mind".

Dislike: Finding Rob's lady love, and everything she brings to the story, to be insanely boring.
As much as I enjoy seeing Theon get what he deserves, torture scenes are the worst. Also, someone on Tumblr posted this and it is perfect:

(Would not have recognized him if I didn't know Iwan Rheon was going to be on here though, damned dark torture dungeon.)

And since I'm at it with posting gifs like this is Tumblr I shall end with this gif, which shall be my go-to gif for any suitable occasions:

Tru dat, lady. Tru dat.

Hmm. I'm kind of amused at the fact that the show that performed the most impressive magic this week out of these two was NOT the fantasy show.