April 8th, 2013


Slap out of it, Self

Fleh. Plegh. Blah.

Right so, rather than taking a break I've more just sort of been flopping around a bit lately and just ... yeah. I need to slap out of it. Had an unpleasant talk with mom today re: the horrifying state of my apartment, and we basically came to the conclusion I'm going to need some outside help here (which I knew and was already sort of planning on, but now with more urgency). My contact person with the psych ward is coming on the 19th so I'll talk to her then, and in the meantime I need to work on pulling myself out of this funk and stop procrastinating.

Cut to: 2 hours of tinkering with LJ layouts (with shitty results) later. Starting now! Actually, I'm waaaay behind on my TV commenting so... Starting when I'm done with this post, at which time I will probably be late for bed.

Elementary: [Spoiler (click to open)]Doing everything right atm, I have no complaints. I have to shamefully confess to completely not getting the Ms/Mrs Hudson thing until the last 10 minutes, but in my defense I was distracted by hunger/making dinner/eating dinner so ... I think that excuses me. I like it though, distracted or not it certainly wasn't what I was expecting but I love it, loved her.
Also want to say: I saw a lot complementing the show for having Joan dressing with Sherlock in the room be non-sexual/romantic, and I agree with that, but I have to say I found it SUPER-DISTRACTING. I don't even know why, but I was completely absorbed by her wrestling around under the covers and did not hear one word of what Sherlock said, I really don't even know why I found it so distracting but I did, I really did.

New Girl:[Spoiler (click to open)]OMGGG so much awkward. Soooo much awkward. And you guys know how much I hate awkward stuff, atleast the cringey-embarrassing kind, and yet I .... did not hate this. At all. I just, I've been wondering how long they can stay in this no-mans-land in between dating and not dating and this episode it struck me that this show? This show, with these characters, can probably stay there as long as they fucking please, and it would be nothing short of delightful. Then again, I also feel a huge sense of dread everytime I'm about to watch an episode because it feels like this streak of perfect developements could end at any second and possibly ruin the show in the process (because I'm invested now, in this ship, okay?). But yeah, so far so very good.

TRAN! How much do I love that they brought him back and that he's Nick's go-to buddy for sage life advice. Tran's the freaking best. I will be seriously so happy if this show starts making a habit of bringing back recurring random side-characters, I love it when shows have a lot of those.
Winston and Schmidt! Buddying it up! I liked that, it was a bit weird that the show commented on it when we've seen them hang out in the past, but whatever: sitcom logic. I like them together, Winston brings Schmidt down to tolerable levels, because he's awesome in every way like that.

Person of Interest:[Spoiler (click to open)]Elias! Tracie Thoms! That guy from shows! SHAW! Shaw is back! And she got the drop on John, I love her so much. This show has the best guest stars/continuity with recurring ones, and again: that is my favorite thing.
Glad they resolved the Beecher situation and not in the way I was expecting (I totally thought he was dirty), but sad because it made Carter sad. Lady deserves some happiness!

Finch: "Traitor!"
Bear: *Innocent face*
And then he helped out with a mission! All shows should have a pet, it's just proven awesome. Name me one pet that didn't improve on a show. ONE. I DARE YOU.

Community:[Spoiler (click to open)]Okay episode, but can I just tell you how much I'm starting to hate that Dean-dresses-up gag? Like, I rarely get sick of gags before shows retire them, but this one appearantly I managed to get out in front of. So sick of it, it's just so tired.
Loved Abed's love interest instantly (naturally, since she's basically a pretty version of me), glad he's getting some character developement. Less fond of the Britta storyline, felt like something we'd seen before. Always like it when Pierce is a cool guy, though.

Parks & Rec: [Spoiler (click to open)]Pregnancy storyline is getting old, the lawsuit bit was pretty dull, but drugged-Ben was the BEST. Not surprising, this show does the bestest drugged/drunk/delirious stuff. Also liked seeing Ben and Leslie in a storyline as a married couple, which as it turns out works just as awesomely as before they got married, so suck on that Moonlighting curse.

The Mindy Project: [Spoiler (click to open)]Really hoping and praying that Mindy's realization that she dates assholes is going to propel this show into being more awesome, or atleast into being about her dating actual human beings I don't want to reach through the screen and choke. Or that they'll just totally focus on her/Danny, because those are seriously the only scenes I genuinely like.

Go On: [Spoiler (click to open)]SO THAT HAPPENED. Did not think they would go there, and now that they did I feel ... conflicted? I just feel like they're still going "Lauren and Ryan tho? Look see? They have chemistry, right?" (WRONG, they do not!), and that this is just something they're getting out of the way somehow? IDK, maybe I'm being paranoid. Also that kiss was kind of lame, but I still ship it.
On a side-note: My legit dream is to walk around in a socially acceptable bubble/ball/mask of some sort, so that mascot thing worked for me a whole bunch. IT'S BETTER, IT'S SO MUCH BETTER!

Doctor Who: [Spoiler (click to open)]Felt short, this one? And plot-wise it was a bit cracker-thin, but I still liked it because Clara. I love her enthusiasm/sense of wonder, that's something I hadn't even realized I was missing but now it seems to obvious. That's what the companion is there for, basically, to be the viewer's perspective, and my perspective if I ever got to time travel would be a steady line of "OMG WHAT AWESOME LOOK OMG THIS IS SO COOL.". It's just nice to see her react to things, basically, she does good reactions.

Silver Linings Playbook:[Spoiler (click to open)]That's right, I watched a movie, a movie that won Oscars! Are you shocked? Because you should be, and I am. Even more shocking: I liked it and it wasn't depressing! I honestly didn't think they made non-Disney Oscar-movies that didn't have depressing endings, or giantly depressing middles, or that are somehow mentally scarring or mind-numbingly boring in some way. But this? This was basically like a less flimsy, less shallow rom-com! With Jennifer Lawrence, and I drank the kool-aid on her a while ago and am now in agreement with the rest of the world that she is the most adorable thing to happen to Hollywood and the most likable movie star ever. So yeah, it wasn't like the best movie ever or anything, but a lot different and better than I expected and I quite liked it.