April 5th, 2013


Project: Updating

I've sort of hit a wall/speedbump again with the Project but I've decided to view this as a good thing - a final chance to rest up and get my lazy on before we officially reach the time of year where I ain't got no excuse. (Years back I made a deal with myself that, in exchange for going full hermit shut-in in the winter months, I had to try and take some risks and get out a bit starting with May and winding down in September/October - a timeline based partially on the Swedish CDC-equivalent's yearly Norovirus reports and partially on the weather and how that affects my mood.) I'll still be doing whatever I can when I can it, but right now the step I want to start with - deciding on moving - is one that needs some time and research and while that slowly progresses there's not much else I can/want to do in most areas.

What I've decided to do instead/meanwhile is to once and for all (hopefully) sort out my online shit - my passwords, usernames, accounts, bookmarks, social media sites, music, computer security etc etc. My first plan was to have one unified all-encompassing online identity, but I quickly scrapped that plan in favor of the Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde approach: I'll set up two identities - one for personal, silly, fun stuff (Tumblr, LJ, games, other social media sites) with an anonymous username and one "professional" with my real name. Obviously I don't have a professional life at the moment, but recent plans to study/try to find a job I can do from home has gotten me thinking in those lines, plus I've always had a problem with people from my "real" life finding my private stuff. I'm not really a private person online, but I suppose I kind of am in real life when it comes to online stuff. Plus, no one wants their parents to read their blogs, amirite?
The srs bsns profile would also be handy for dealing with government/health care/etc, I've had a special e-mail set up for some years now in my real name for anyone who I didn't want to spell out "wirehangers" for so this is just taking it one step further.

What this means is, if I stay on LJ, and I probably will because I'm pretty hooked on ONTD atm, I'll reboot with a new name (in order to seperate myself from this "compromised" one) - more on that if and when it happens: I won't vanish in a puff of smoke or anything. Although it would be pretty cool if I did, wouldn't it?
It also means I need to think of a username for the ages, something I can stick with more or less permanently (so basically it's like the apartment decision but online!), and that doesn't link back to me too easily. So that's my new current Project task, a little detour into organizing my online life. When I organize, I organize ALL THE THINGS!

Meanwhile, how do everyone else roll? Do you have one identity, two or even more than that? Do you tend to use the same username or do you have one for each different site? Do your real life friends and family know about your LJ and Tumblr and whatsits, and vice versa? Tell me, for I wish to know!