April 2nd, 2013


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The Walking Dead:
[Spoiler (click to open)]I'll be honest, I was so nervous after hearing that "27 people" was going to die this episode that I checked for spoilers the first thing I did when I woke up. Turns out I didn't need to worry, because Milton was pretty much the only one I'd bet actual money on to die and I've been wishing Andrea dead for 3 seasons now, and ... appearantly that was it, because who cares about the rest of the Woodbury-folks? I don't, that's who. Bit bummed the Governor didn't die, but I'm assuming he'll just do a Merle - skip out for a bit, come back like a bad penny and then die. Just hope we don't waste a lot more time on him.
But because of all this, the episode itself felt a bit anticlimactic. There was no big showdown, just a (clever - well done Team Prison!) trap and a brief exchange of bullets and then the rest was just Woodbury-violence which is the boring kind of violence. But I'll admit, some of that's on me for getting spoiled/expecting more, and I am happy that everyone who mattered is safe for now. I like how it all shook out in the end - a whole busload of new people (=zombie fodder!) and a new and less Governator-y Rick. It wasn't the best of episodes, but it gives me hope for the future.

Super pleased about the yet-another-ratings-record btw, I remember the days when apocalypse TV - and especially zombies - was only an item on my wishlist. And well, I'll admit, during that first struggling season I wasn't sure if it was one of those "careful what you wish for" scenarios, but it's really turned around into an entertaining show. A very frequently poorly written show, but a show that somehow still works nonetheless.

Game of Thrones:
[Spoiler (click to open)]I like that they checked in with almost everyone, but out of all the people/scenes they could have left out of this episode I'm annoyed they went with Arya. Wanted to see all my favorites, but I guess 2 out of 3 is acceptable. I'm also pretty frustrated with the King's Landing scenes, because there's just something annoying about watching a dysfunctional family bicker when there are HOARDES OF ZOMBIES a-coming. I mean, I know they don't know that, but still, it just makes their scenes seem kind of shallow in comparison. Basically I'm still singing the "moar fantasy" song I've been singing since day one - it doesn't have to be dragons and zombies all the time, but I'm getting antsy. Enough build-up already! It's season 3, lets get to the good stuff!
It was an excellent episode, though, don't get me wrong. It's such a stunning show, visually, both in terms of scenery and costumes, and I feel a bit guilty because I love the music more than I love the show (while still loving the show a whole bunch).

Since this show has a gazillion characters/plotlines I'll bullet-point this:

  • Dany is still my #1 fave but boy that slave scene made me sick to watch, I wish she would have sicced her dragons on that creep. I hope she liberates them or something, but something tells me it won't be that simple and rosey on this show. :s But yeah, Team Dany/Dragons FTW, all hail the queen.

  • As for Tyrion, my second fave... IDK, my reaction when watching was to yell at the screen for him to just tell that whole stupid family to suck it and peace out with Shae to some place far away because why would he want to stick around with all that abuse going on? But then Tim correctly pointed out that him staying is the best way to punish his family, sad as that is, because they want him to just disappear. Ugh, you poor tragic dude. Tywin, you suck.

  • My second tier of favorites is composed of Sansa, Ygritte and, as of this episode, possibly Margery? IDK, I hadn't really paid her much attention/thought before this episode, but suddenly she's fascinating to me and I can't figure out if it's because I love her, hate her or love to hate her? I guess time will tell. That dress she wore in the street though? Ugh, so pretty. Yes, she might become my favorite based on prettyness. I've never claimed to not be shallow as fuck.

  • Still cackling at the whole "YOU HAD ONE JOB" reaction/meme going around. One of my favorite memes in general and it was so almost verbatim used too. All the Jon Snow stuff was good too - although is he lying to stay alive/get back to the Night's Watch or really defecting for reals? I'm assuming lying, but hoping for defecting for real because I want him and Ygritte to make with the sexy-times. Get it, you two. Get. it. (PS: Yay, giants!)

  • What was that place where Robb ended up? The big castle thingy? There are so many castle thingies, I can't keep them all apart. And who'd done the massacring? And who were the dead guys? I feel like I manage to follow this show's many many storylines and keep track of most of the bearded old guys of varying asshole-levels but here they lost me.