March 29th, 2013


Long post is long

Having some ponderings about maybe leaving LJ, or alternatively taking a long break around May-July/August (depending on how well you know me/how long you've read this blog you might be able to guess why this specific timeline, but it's also a bit because of the old "LJ is dying" thing because: cliché but true). Even if I do go I will still have one foot left here in ONTD, because I've gotten ridiculously hooked on that shit lately (especially FFAF), but I might take my main blogging to Tumblr or somesuch. Haven't decided either way yet though, as soon as I do I will let you know.

Went to see the grandparents today, all went as well as it could with mom's issues and mine and everything. I snagged some chocolate while buying milk on the way home and spent the evening watching TV/movies and stuffing my face - you know, my ideal evening. XD Good news: I think I might be getting somewhere with my oldophobia (=what I dubbed my aversion to watching old TV or movies)! TCM was on at the grandparents (granddad, my TV mentor and rolemodel, always has the TV on) and I saw the end of How the West Was Won and most of The Three Musketeers and I actually found it pretty charming and cute, and the latter surprisingly entertaining. Maybe my love of vintage decor/fashion has FINALLY overshadowed my hatred of crappy sound/image and watching people I know are now either really really old or dead! :D I've been hoping for that to happen for years!

I tested the theory when I came home too and finished watching Breakfast at Tiffany's a bit ago. Wanted to see that movie for years too, for pop culture reference understanding reasons and because every other interior design picture I love is themed around it and/or contains atleast one picture of Audrey Hepburn, but I also really wanted to like it or atleast not hate it, and I knew that would not be possible while my reaction to anything made prior to 1995 was a resounding Summer Roberts-"EWW". Pretty glad I waited too, I think I was right in thinking I'd dislike it, not just for the old factor but for how my mind-set was when I was younger. I mean, it wasn't what I was expecting (without really knowing what exactly I was expecting) and that's something I did not use to handle well. Still don't, but I've gotten better with movies.

Anyway, I made it through the whole thing, even liked it in parts despite it feeling a bit long - but then to be fair it was my second movie of the night so I may just have been worn out, plus how I always get antsy during movies because I feel like they only have 2-ish hours to tell this whole story so why are you wasting valuable time on this, or this, or this? Move it along people, time's a-wasting! I know everything gets a sequel these days, but that does not mean you can go acting like you're a TV show!
The other movie I saw was Bridesmaids, was okay but not really worthy of all the hype IMO - I never do seem to like comedy movies.

Also recent TV:
Psych: [Spoiler (click to open)]100 episodes, woop! And a Clue-episode at that, I used to LOVE Clue. I think it was a Swedish adaptation, same basic principle but they cancelled it pretty quick and I was piiissed, this being before I was even aware there could be different version of the same show concept too - might even have been before we got internet actually... But briefly, and intensely, I loved it. I kinda hate pick-the-ending episodes, especially with procedurals because it's like - THAT's what you let me weigh in on? Seriously, out of all the things I could have a say on with the show, I get to decide which completely interchangable suspect-of-the-week done did it? I'd rather pick the characters OUTFITS. (No for real, specially if Pretty Little Liars did that because: Aria.) I'm also shamed and disturbed that my reaction was "they picked the black guy? OH COME ON" before realizing they picked the butler because "THE BUTLER DID IT" (I watched that version, I know there are two). Duh self, way to be racist! I am the worst.

Arrow: [Spoiler (click to open)]Ah Felicity ILU, representing all the oogling fangirls of the entire internet. First believable realistic character on a CW show ever, me thinks. And as much as I love dudes pining for ladies, I must say it's a nice change of pace to have it the other way around for once. Well, for now, anyway - I have no doubt they'll make this creepy or sad in like 3 seconds flat, and it'll end with Felicity being "let down gently" and forced, along with the rest of us, to keep watching the terminally boring version of Bland Bachelorette that Oliver usually has going. Speaking of which, hi Laurel! *Falls asleep*

New Girl: [Spoiler (click to open)]Not exactly a funny episode but I loved it anyway? They could have done more with what they had - the guest stars and this show being pretty awesome usually - but it hit up some of my heart-strings and it was nice from a Nick/Jess shipper standpoint and there wasn't too much shenanigans. And Jess doing Elvis was the right kind and level of shenanigans - it was sweet and funny. Felt a bit whiplashed by Nick suddenly being Mr Responsible, but IDK maybe they made some reference to him stepping up before and I just missed it? *Shrug* Not a big deal either way.

NCIS LA:[Spoiler (click to open)]Dear GOD that was dull! Thanks for spending a whole double-episode on characters we don't know talking vaguely and at length about things we know anything about, nor do we want to. If this was a backdoor pilot I highly advice trying to make it a real show, and if not then it was just a spectacular and straight-up rude waste of time.

The Mindy Project:[Spoiler (click to open)]Is it just me or is this show quickly turning into the poor-man's New Girl? This week they even had matching "returning the cranky curmudgeon to his home in order to soften his image" episodes! New Girl's episode mostly worked, this one ... mostly didn't.

Cougar Town:[Spoiler (click to open)]JUST RESOLVE THE DAMNED TRAVIS/LAURIE THING ALREADY, FFS. Still digging Bobby/Girl!Bobby though, they are cute. That aside, the race with the wheelchairs at the end killed me, Ellie especially. Ellie Torres, I want to be you.
So happy this show got renewed btw, didn't even have time to start worrying about it! Thank you TBS!

Go On: [Spoiler (click to open)]I'm amused that I'm about 100% more excited about this Friends reunion now because of my love of Cougar Town than I would have been before. I mean, that shouldn't make sense, right? I loved Friends as much as the next person alive in the 1990s, but I was never a huge fan of Courteney Cox until Cougar Town converted me so I guess maybe that's why. Always loved Chandler and Monica though, even though I didn't love Monica.