March 26th, 2013


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Shameless: [Spoiler (click to open)]Ugh, I want Fiona to dump Jimmy for cute new boss-guy sooo bad. Or just to dump Jimmy period, and no I will not stop going on about this until it actually happens, or about the fact that he is the worst little twerp ever. And it's so sad, because damnit, Fiona deserves a nice doctor boyfriend who she loves and who loves her and who makes her happy and Jimmy should have been that guy - I feel like I'm probably more disappointed and feeling betrayed more than Fiona will when this blows up. Because Fiona has no idea exactly how infinitely awesome she is.
Surprised Lip didn't kill Mandy on the spot when he figured out she ran Karen over. Jody "curing" Karen was icky - she was in a literal coma ffs! Eww. Did sort of lol at his "I've found a cure for comas" though, because I'm awful like that.
Frank's ability to immediately fuck up any good thing he has going is kind of impressive.
V and Kevin having a baby was super-cute, and good riddance to the storyline of that weird, gross threesome.

The Walking Dead:[Spoiler (click to open)]This season is really uneven and this was an uneven episode in itself, but mostly I liked it because: zombie!Merle. It's always the most effectful death on this show, IMO, when they turn - most for obvious reasons but also because I find it interesting to see characters/actors I know do the zombie thing. I'm used to seeing the extras as zombies - they do it well enough that it's kind of easy to forget their characters used to be real people, they're like one and the same character really because zombies are pretty much all alike.
Also loved Merle triggering that alarm on the car, thus making for another L4D moment recreated on my screen. So itching to make a meme of that with "Merle alerted the horde" in L4D style font, but ... meh, work - plus things like that are always more fun in my head anyway. But all the Merle stuff was great, easily Michael Rooker's best performance in every way, and some excellent stuff from Norman Reedus too.

Several draggy scenes though, and honestly I can't easily forgive Rick for being ready to send Michonne off to fates worse than death, even if he did change his mind. Ditto with Daryl and Hershel - silence is consent. This show walks a fine line with putting the characters we're supposed to root for in positions of making tough decisions, and usually it manages to mostly stay straight but here I feel they fucked up - this was not the decision and reasoning of people I want to see succeed. Not least because it was just plain stupid - Rick used to be a cop, he should have been able to deduce pretty quickly that the Governor is not a man of his word, the guy practically has a neon-sign on his forehead screaming SOCIOPATH. Like, I didn't need that scene showing me the Governor's intentions, I kinda would have guessed as much anyway. Plus, obviously, Michonne is awesome and a major asset to the team in terms of zombie-slaying abilities (if people were weapons, she'd be a fucking nuke), and have also been proving herself in terms of being a team player, so there's really no excuse for either of those dudes to have gone along with that idiot plan for even a second.

Glenn and Maggie, I demand you stop being cute right this instance, because I know where that's going and it will not end well. But I'm prepared! Oh yes! You cannot sucker-punch me with that, because I know it's coming.