March 24th, 2013


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Dear diary, today I painted my nails and killed zombies. XD I'm loving having longer nails, I've had super-short nails for so long (I usually rip them, it's like biting them but I use my other fingers because biting is gross), I can't stop feeling them and tapping them against things. It's gone so much better than I thought to stay off them, and my cuticles are lots better thanks to it too. Now if only I didn't have over-washed dry hands that looks like they've been through a shredder I would have atleast one two bodyparts to be pleased with!

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Been watching stuff:


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I quite liked this episode! Really needed a good episode too, after last week's bad one. Really like it when Jeff and Pierce hang out - I could have done without it playing out like every single other interaction they've had, or really that Jeff's had with anyone on this show, but atleast that's not a new problem. Also liked the Dean and Annie together, loved seeing the Dean used more like in the way he was in season 1, less of a caricature and more of an actual character. Shirley and Troy were a bit more predictable when it was revealed to be PEE rather than PE, but it still worked and I even enjoyed how they used Kevin/Chang there.

Pretty Little Liars:

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Haa, called it with Toby not being dead. *Pats self on back* I really didn't think he was dead either, there were maybe 2 seconds of vague doubt last episode but other than that I was convinced. Everything else... Yeesh. This show is so tripped out, I keep trying to watch it with a straight face and it just ... is not possible. Show crazy.

Snow White and the Huntsman:

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Didn't love this, or really even like it. Like most live-action fairytales it was a bit too hammy and melodramatic, it wasn't as bad as Red Riding Hood but that's about the best thing I can say for it. Chris Hemsworth worked for me (does he ever not work for anyone with a pulse?), Charlize Theron was whatever, KStew was ... well, not her worst fidgety emo self, but still pretty annoying. (Side note: just saw her red carpet pics from Kids Choice and nearly fell of my chair in surprise that she actually looked happy and kind of comfortable? Did someone drug her? Is she drunk? Maybe she finally got on some antidepressants. Either way, good for her!) I did enjoy Snow White being kind of a badass though, the world needs more fairytale heroines in chain mail and wielding swords.
The best part was the credits though, and not in a snarky "thank gawd that's over" sort of way because: Florence. She really does work with everything, doesn't she? And especially fantasy, she works fantastic with fantasy, there's no denying that.

Resident Evil:

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My 3rd time rewatching this one (gonna do the rest too - I don't think I've seen the latest?), but it still holds up as one of the better zombie movies. Last time I rewatched it I was reminded Daniel from Ugly Betty is in this - this time it was Joe Carroll from The Following who I know I've seen around but couldn't remember any specific movies/shows with. I liked him better here, way less smarmy and gross even after he turned evil.

This post is feeling very random and haphazard. Oh well.