March 21st, 2013

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Feeling funky, probably for girl-reasons and whatnot, everything's all just feeling sort of ... blah at the moment. And also a bit stressy, because anytime I have more than 2 things going on I freak out and now tomorrow my contact person is coming - at the same time as my grocery shopping people - and then on Friday the ventilation dude is coming and then this weekend we're going to see the grandparents (assuming they're healthy), and that's really more than enough to stress me out and make me feel scattered.

NCIS LA:[Spoiler (click to open)]Is this that backdoor pilot there was talk of a while back? I sure hope not, because the Red Team guys were booooring. Nice digs, but other than that: YAWN and PASS.
I also feel like Kensi and Deeks were like overtly flirting with that box thing, and while I personally appretiate inappropriate workplace behavior (a lot!) I felt kinda awkward on behalf of the new people. Like, I legit expected one of them to go "So, how long have you two been dating?" or something. Or atleast just do an eyeroll at the other one and quickly exit with an "Ooooo-kay..."

Cougar Town:[Spoiler (click to open)]I really liked this episode, the season has felt a little bit off in places so far and I think it helped to get a break from the Travis/Laurie drama. I also really liked Bobby's new bro/love interest, she's cute! The faith debate was a bit less fun - this show is getting a little bit stuck on using Jules/Grayson as two sides of an arguement, I wish they'd just focus elsewhere because atleast that's better than the marriage being used as a framework for the plot.

Mindy Project: [Spoiler (click to open)]Dis show, such a mess. It's like one step forward, one step back and then it spins around a bit and starts over. This episode atleast made a valiant attempt at making Beverly seem like an actual person, but I still feel like she drags this show down (and ditto Morgan). And now they're bringing back douchey midwife guy? Whyyyyyyyyyy. I mean, good try of redeeming him with that star thing, that was cute, but not enough to make me forget he's an obnoxious douche. And we were making such progress last time with Seth Rogen! Didn't care about Danny and Jeremy and Mindy's pal either, it felt like something I'd seen before and didn't particularly care to see again, and it did nothing to improve on any of the characters. Maybe it's more like one step forward, one step back into a pothole. >_<

New Girl: [Spoiler (click to open)]Asfdjslfhdnlkngfkh, yeah. They're really nailing this Nick/Jess ship, okay, they're nailing it goooood - it's just the perfect mix of hot and hilarious and sweet and adorable and everything is just perfect (so far - I've been burnt before!). I felt like this episode made me love the previous bunch of episodes more, retroactively, somehow - like there was a reservation or little part of me holding out for ... something, and this episode fixed that? IDK, it just felt like a missing puzzle piece or something? *Shrug* I really loved all the Nick/Jess stuff, is basically what I'm saying here, but I didn't love Winston and Schmidt's stuff because Schmidt obsessing over Cece + that gag where someone gets jellyfished = been there, done that, do not need to revisit.
Go On: [Spoiler (click to open)]Okay, Lauren/Steven? I could ship that. Then again I ship Lauren/anyone but Ryan, because I can't shake the feeling they're trying to wave that ship infront of us like a 3 month old steak, not shoving it in our faces exactly but just waggling it there hoping we're going to bite. NO DICE. And bring back Carrie!
Not the greatest of episodes otherwise, I felt like not much happened or was funny...

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