March 19th, 2013


Drive-by TV post

The Mentalist: [Spoiler (click to open)]Not really about the plot, but that soldier guy? Cuuuuute. Like, to the point where I'm considering checking him up on IMDB to see if he has any other gigs, preferrably where he's also playing a war-scarred soldier with a heart of gold.... Hmm, nah, too lazy. He was cute though.

Shameless:[Spoiler (click to open)]Fiona/New Boss? I sorta ship it. Although to be fair I currently ship her with anyone who is better than Jimmy and that's a low bar. Also I probably shouldn't get my hopes up on Boss Dude since the actor who plays him almost always plays cheaters and douchebags when I see him. :/ Still, I liked their interaction and I hope I'm wrong, because: Fiona/anyone but Jimmy.
Holy shit, Mandy running over Karen? Yikes, so THAT'S what that spoiler I read was about. Well damn, just as I was starting to like Mandy a little bit too. I loved Lip impressing the MIT guy, hoping against my beter judgment that he ends up actually going.
I'm impressed at the speed of which Frank fucked up that excellent cushy situation he had going, and even more impressed he seems to have gotten himself into an even cushier one. He's like a cockroach, always comes out on top somehow.

The Walking Dead:[Spoiler (click to open)]WELL NOW, THAT WAS ONE GIANT WASTE OF TIME, WASN'T IT? YES, YES IT WAS. Ugh, this show. So freaking uneven, so all-over-the-place, so very much "two steps forward, one step straight back into the jaws of a zombie". They had better be saving some pretty freaking mind-blowing giant stuff for the finale, but nothing will give me back the hour of watching Andrea play lead in the world's most boring horror movie. Did anyone seriously think either of them would get bitten in there? Like, even when she released that stairwell full of walkers on him, I just yawned and thought "well if he's actually bitten here this will be the single most shocking moment to me in TV histo- ... nope, he's safe, that's what I thought." and with Andrea I've been hoping for a walker to get her for 3 seasons now without success so not holding my breath on that one either. Least suspenseful episode ever.

Things this episode actually did accomplish, beside boring me to tears: cementing Tyrese and his gang on the Gov's side, thus officially making them boring, and showing me that molotovs wouldn't kill zombies like they do in Left 4 Dead (that one may actually come in handy, who knows). Oh, and it finally convinced Andrea that the Gov is cray-cray, but she should have gotten that memo a long time ago and fat load of use she can be now locked up in his torture room anyway.
(Also, this review makes a very good point about the at-this-point comical use of zombie ambushes. I don't care how loud she was panting, there's no way she could miss a zombie shuffling up behind her unless it was the zombie of a ninja and Milton is right about them retaining some of their personality. Which he's not, because they're ZOMBIES.)