March 18th, 2013


I am the worst, my grandparents are the best

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Anyhoo, just played an awesome DLC map with Tim for Left 4 Dead 2 that ended with the survivors escaping .... to SPACE! Because in space, no one can hear your brains being eaten! And other bad spacey jokes! The final image was of them escaping the big rocket (full of zombies, natch) to a tiny escape pod, so basically they survived only to die when the air runs out in that thing. Hey, a short-term happy ending is still a happy ending. But the best part was when the elevator killed Nick. SUCK IT, NICK.

Been rewatching Veronica Mars lately, and started watching L&O SVU since I ran out of NCIS episodes. Also, Friday's TV:

Community:[Spoiler (click to open)]Last week's episode was the best one so far this season, so it was doubly disappointing how sucky, boring and unoriginal this episode was. The documentary thing has been done already, several times, and an episode focused on Chang to boot? Ugh, NO. STAPH. The only redeeming bits was Annie and Troy buddy-copping it up, and that was only because the actors crushed it, despite being given two old glued-together scripts. It's a good thing last week's episode bought some good will or I would be losing hope about this show.

Parks & Rec: [Spoiler (click to open)]Yesss, I've always wanted to see Ann and April as reluctant friends (well, reluctant on April's part). Their stuff was great, especially the sing-along with special guest appearance by Donna (when are they gonna give that awesome lady a damned storyline? She's like the Kelly Kapoor of P&R.). But obviously since I hate Jean-Ralphio I also hated his sister and that whole storyline. Never thought I'd say this, but Tom? You can do better. O_O Man, remember when he dated Wendy Watson a few seasons ago? That was awesome.

Person of Interest:[Spoiler (click to open)]I love that they're bringing Ken Leung back repeatedly and if his being in trouble and John reluctantly saving him becomes a running gag then I will be seal-clapping every time. Especially if it also includes Bear biting ass and licking his face. I liked the old guy-Person too, he had sass. Good episode, I like that even POI's weaker, in-between episodes are still entertaining and sweet. Only thing I didn't like was Carter and Fusco pretty much being off doing their own thing, and I weirdly dislike Fusco having had so little to do lately. I don't care for his HR storyline, but the dude does have some of the best one-liners/snark on this show. I mean, Leon's good too, but imagine what fun those two would be in a storyline with Reese? XD

PS: This is adorable.