March 8th, 2013


You smell like sunshine. And gunpowder.

Yeah so I kinda fell down into a pit of depression and emo-ness again, starting on my birthday (because of course). It has not been helped by my cat (his birthday present to me: vomit! The exact opposite of what I wanted, gee thanks! And then he was just super-gross a moment ago too so am currently fighting the urge to scream and pour bleach into my brain.) or watching MMFD (see below), and also my tiredness is back and I'm stuck on the project. Have decided to chill out for a few days/rest of the week and then see if I can get back on track.

I looked in on WoW today since the patch is out, but ... nah. I think I might be over it for reals, I'm so tired of the endless quests and repetetive rotations. Maybe I'll try playing my monk panda later and see if that helps at all. Probably just as well I don't get back into it for a while though, I get too tunnel-visiony with games.

Meanwhile, TV!

Cougar Town:

[Spoiler (click to open)]

Aaand Travis/Laurie are back on. I was serious last week when I said I wanted this storyline to be over, one way or another, because it's just not fun anymore. I think they would be cute together, but I don't ship them in a serious enough way for this to be interesting, and I don't NOT-ship them enough not to care at all. Pick a lane and stick with it already!
I love Jules' dad (Bob Kelso), always nice to see him.

Pretty Little Liars:

[Spoiler (click to open)]

Huh, did not expect Wilden to be alive, or for that cat to be brought out of the box at all until the finale. I really wanted him to be dead, he's such a skeevy slimeball, and the actor is just so bad even by this show's standards. Him dying is on my finale-wishlist though, right along with Red Coat not turning out to be Cece (and preferably turning out to be Toby, just for teh lulz), Spencer turning out to have been faking/exaggerating this whole crazy-pants thing in order to get in with the A Team and some actual answers that isn't immediately negated or made irrelevant.


[Spoiler (click to open)]

Featuring Deeks in a pool, all the ships taking tests from a BRIDAL MAGAZINE, a HUG, some serious heart-to-hearts and then lastly:

Afndsfhngkglnsdkdlgrtettyt.gblert. *DEAD* If he wasn't already 100% aware he loves her before he HAS to know it now: that look is a look of a dude who knows he is completely gone. I'm pretty sure he already had a good idea about that, all the teasing and talks about their "thing" and all, but yeah, that was a look of serious realization at the end there. ERIC OLSEN, I DIG YOUR FACE. LIKE, A LOT.

And this from an episode where the previouslies had me going " Oh crap, a Sam-episode. Oh well, I guess we were due for a really boring one, wake me when it's done!". Okay, writers, FINE, but if we can't use previouslies to predict the content of the episode, what are they even there for? I mean, other than straight up spoilers (because you know you've watched atleast one show where the previouslies made you go "oh, that long lost charcter/plot is making a comeback? Well thanks for the heads-up!"). I suppose I should just start expecting these delightful shipper-moments given how regular they are, but I prefer to be pleasantly surprised than disappointed and resentful. Especially if I'm getting pleasantly surprised on a frequent and regular basis. XD

This ship is now officially my happy place, which I feel is the best decision I've made all week. Hearts in my eyes, rainbows from my nostils, etc etc! :D


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Aaaand all wishes = fulfilled - thank you Show! I really have nothing more to say than that, other than that I dig Gus' new lady a whole lot and am excited for that storyline. Oh, and I loved the Don't Trust the Bitch reference, possibly my favorite "Gus don't be a ..." so far!

My Mad Fat Diary (all episodes):

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WELL, THAT WAS THERAPEUTIC AND STUFF. By which I mean I cried like a newborn baby by the 4th episode and was basically dissolving at the final one (especially when I thought the phone would ring to say that Tix was dead, because I've developed a sixth sense over the years for when TV shows are about to gut me in the stomach and it was going "DANGER, DANGER" like crazy there). Man that stirred some shit up, like a LOT of shit. I rarely see things I can really relate to on TV - and I like it that way for reasons anyone with a "Psychology for Dummies" book could figure out - but usually when even I do see something it gets maybe one thing about me partially right. Here though? I mean it's definitely not like watching my life as a TV show, which I've always wanted to do out of sheer curiosity, but it certainly hits a lot of points on the checklist of my issues. It also has me re-evaluating my teenage years, because my initial thought it "well I never had a cool gang like that" and then I realized - maybe I did, and just didn't know it or screwed it up? I did have friends, but ... well, I won't turn this into another therapy session, but lets just say things look a lot different from the view up here at my current age, and a lot of things said on the show felt like it could be directed straight at me and I'm going to try and take it to heart. I always did have an easier time taking advice from TV than anywhere else.

I liked it a lot though, emotional breakdown aside. As good as everyone said, and there was a LOT of hype to live up to.

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