March 5th, 2013


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The Walking Dead: [Spoiler (click to open)]Well, I guess that proves the old saying: "You can't go home again... but you can visit and it will be AWESOME." (I'm pretty sure that's how it goes.) That was one hell of a good episode, you guys. Like, it nearly made me cry at one point, and that does not happen often. Morgan, oh man. Him explaining how Duane died, while a bit on the unlikely side, was just so sad. It would have been a perfect scene in a perfect episode if not for the TWD writers' affinity for repeated lines, which is a pet peeve of mine that immediately puts me in mind of soap operas. In very small doses it can pack a punch, sometimes, but in TWD it's used way, way, waaaay too much to the point where it just becomes comical and ruins the moment.
Up until that they almost had me though, and then with the poor sad hitchhiker who I felt just so infinitely bad for. I hope he was a serial killer or gigantic douchebag, but the way he just ran after them all pathetic-like and then he didn't make it... Well, I guess there's a small comfort in that he clearly wasn't very smart, getting killed on the road in the open like that. I guess he's with Rick Foster in the big Moron Street in the sky now (probably getting mauled by a zombie-angel).

All that aside, this was ace. I didn't even think about how no one from the prison or Woodbury was around until the very end, and then I mostly thought "ah, so THAT'S why this episode was so good and didn't give me a headache!". Because I think that's maybe the most astonishing part of this episode - I didn't want to slap anyone. No one acted a fool, no one was a hothead, no one bickered and bitched needlessly. Every character acted in a way that made sense for them - Michonne was understandably wary about sticking around with a guy who tried to kill them, Rick understandably wanted to help the dude who helped him, Morgan was clearly bonkers but that made sense because of what he'd been through. And normally I'd be annoyed with Carl for doing his trademark running off on his own, but after seeing them pass that hitchhiker without slowing down it was actually comforting to see him go off on that very human mission. And hey, for once someone was actually around to keep an eye on him - clearly Michonne has super-powers of observation, also known as "sight". I always knew she was awesome, but this episode proved it and I'm so pleased. Was fun that she referenced her boyfriend too, I randomly found a spoiler from the comics about him just recently so that was good timing.

Shameless: [Spoiler (click to open)]Ugh, Jimmy, what a disappointment you turned out to be - you really do not deserve the special magic awesomeness that is Fiona Gallagher, you don't even deserve to be in the same room as her! Here's hoping Estefania's dad kills you and dumps you in the ocean. I think this guy is single-handedly curing me of my childhood conditioning that happily ever after needs to include a prince, which I logically know is a backwards and stupid notion anyway but that's Disney-brain for ya. And obviously Showtime/HBO = the exact opposite of Disney, so it's also a good thing in terms of managing expectations. I'll be happy if this show ends without the kids going to jail/being split up for good, and overjoyed if Fiona is also happy and successful. This show: slowly helping me grow up by punching me repeatedly in the feelings.

In other news, it's my birthday. BUT: please do not wish me a happy one, because A) I don't deserve it because I'm terrible at remembering other people's birthdays even with the e-mail notifier, and B) if you really want me to have a happy birthday you'll fangirl with me instead. Topic = anything that makes you abuse capslock/compulsively toss gifs at me, bonus points if it's about something I've watched, am watching or should watch (or read or listen to or taste or whatever!), but just come on in and flail with me about something - anything. That's what I want for my birthday - along with, of course, a billion dollars, a basket of kittens, a Veronica Mars reunion and a small mountain of chocolate.