March 3rd, 2013


BRB fangirling.

SO CONFLICTED, OMG. On the one hand, this might mean she's off Bunheads. On the other hand Bunheads might be cancelled anyway, and the thing I'd miss most aside from the Gilmoreisms is seeing her. On another hand this sound like a bigger part and that is on my "would not even dare to dream it" list. On another hand EMMA ROBERTS NOOOOOO. As soon as I saw she'd been cast I was like "well, there's one show I will not need to watch!". So much for that assumption!
On yet another hand (and yes, I realize I'm now up to quite a lot of hands) it doesn't sound like she'll be doing much dancing in this and that's a shame because she's clearly born to dance - pardon the cliché but it applies to her or it applies to no one.

Seriously, in all the 9 years of watching this show and others I have never ever seen anyone do a pirouette like she does at the end there. And that show is like 90% contemporary dancing, especially the solos, and I normally find it pretty dull because it's always so predictable. Predictable and, ironically, seemingly unplanned - it never seems like anyone has thought about what they're going to do before they do it, or even listened to the music they're dancing to. So yeah, if you're wondering why I'm a little bit obsessed with this lady, it's because I still cannot get over that pirouette, or how actually interesting her solos are, or that she reminds me quite a lot of Fiona Gallagher. Like someone on YouTube commented on one of her videos: "That girl is one entire muscle."

PS: Alexis Bledel also has a pilot in the works! It appears the universe heeded my call to make this TV year awesome. :D See Universe? Everything would be so much better if you just listened to me - cake would make you lose weight, TARDISes would not only be possible but the standard mode of transportation and any time spent watching TV would be on a seperate time line than your real life.