March 2nd, 2013


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Hey so remember two days ago when I said: "So glad Aldis got a new gig so soon too, now I just need Beth back on my TV."? Well, WISH: GRANTED:

"Beth Riesgraf will join Jason Isaacs in the CBS medical drama Surgeon General, following the nation's top doc."
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My actual reaction:
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Also I have wireless internet and a shiny new desk which yes I already yayed about in the project post but I felt inclined to yay some more. EVERYTHING IS COMING UP MILHOUSE! (I would never dare to use my own name, that would totally jinx things.)

On the other hand I also have the mother of all body aches from assembling aforementioned desk (have I mentioned how terribly unfit I am, physically? Because there aren't words for it.) and I missed ONTD FFAF which I am weirdly bummed about because I've made the last couple of ones and they've been fun.
Oh, and TV was CRAP today, what the hell? Where did all the shows go? Friday is usually the second-best TV day of the week! Not cool, TV, I thought we were buds.
[Community/Raising Hope/TBBT/NCIS minor spoilers.]
There was Community which I wish I could say was enough but yeah, still not really feeling it this season. I've been trying to avoid jumping on the "it's the new showrunner" bandwagon but ... something's missing, and the showrunner change does seem like the obvious culprit. It's a damned good thing these actors are adorable and lovable and able to sell me a lot of stuff I normally would not have bought. They also have damned good casting people, because yay Malcolm McDowell! I hope he doesn't get out of his contract (the teacher OR the actor! ... If he's signed on for more episodes, which he's probably not, I don't know,).

Also caught up on TBBT (more character developement for Sheldon - I approve!), Raising Hope (lot of fun episodes, especially liked the My Name Is Earl homage/reunion!) and watched some NCIS s9 (I heard it gets more Tiva.shippery in s10 so I got interested again, plus it makes for good background noise when drawing bad furniture sketches or playing Freecell, And now I'm tired and am going to haul my ass over to bed and possibly die from exhaustion. (Seriously, sooo unfit, I can't even tell you.)