February 27th, 2013


Like, woah!

Casting news of awesome: Kathy Bates joins AHS s3, Aldis Hodge gets a new show and flipping LEE PACE in a new show about computers! I don't even care it's set in the not-distant past (personal dislike), it sounds awesome and LEE PACE, YO. So glad Aldis got a new gig so soon too, now I just need Beth back on my TV. (*Pause to swear unholy words at CM for getting my hopes up she'd recur there.*) Still: nice pile of happy news!

Also in news, I was weirdly bummed to read that Michelle Williams and Jason Segel broke up. IDK why, I try not to care about celeb couples because they break up all the time anyway, but that one felt like it might have gone the distance. That's it, I officially give up on love - if this many gorgeous flawless people can't make it work there's definitely no hope for me. :p (Just kidding, I gave up on that years ago!)



[Spoiler (click to open)]

Oh wow, not where I thought this episode was going, did not see Daddy Castle coming at ALL. Nicely done, Show! *Imaginary hat* Good episode in general too, although I was a bit disappointed that Christopher Heyerdahl turned out to be evil - subvert my expectations a bit, would ya? Dude does make for a good villain, but I prefer it when he's ambiguously good - he has such a great, weirdly reassuring voice.
Also damn, that was some horrid-ass green-screening. I guess Christopher Heyerdahl felt at home atleast, the last time I saw greenscreens that bad was on Sanctuary! Maybe they did it on purpose as an homage.


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I'm always really bummed/annoyed when this show ends, no matter the episode quality. I wish the episodes were longer anyway, because it's just such a fun show to spend time with. If TV shows were people this show would be the friend you could have slumber parties with and spend all weekend camped out in front of the TV eating ice cream and giggling, and lets face it - that person would be my soul mate.
The ending of this episode was weeeird, maybe I'm a prude old lady but I just found the routine a bit ... icky. Especially right after that scene with Ginny, which: oh sweetie. *Attempts to hug through screen.* I will beat that Frankie kid up with a baseball bat! NOT COOL, DUDE. Hurting Ginny is like stomping on a porcelain bird figurine!
Nice to have Fanny back atleast, the show feels weird when she's gone.

2 Broke Girls:

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Oookay, bit of an interesting turn there. I must say I did think the cupcake shop was a bit too bit - it's been my impression that New York real estate is not cheap - so I think it would be good for them to trade down. Like, my only reaction to the offer was "take the money and trade down to a cheaper place, morons!", so the episode felt a bit like a waste of time. I miss Andy though, this show was so much better with Andy. :( COME BACK ANDY.

The Following:

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Yeah so, I spent this whole episode playing Freecell on my phone and mocking the developements ("NO! The cop lady is a Follower? YOU'RE KIDDING! I NEVER EVER SAW THAT COMING IN A MILLION YEARS!") and laughing at the trio of morons falling over themselves and the FBI being about equally useless. Where the fuck is John Reese when you need him - he would have had everyone knee-capped and sorted in 3 minutes! The one developement I liked in this episode was the backstory on Not!Kara (I should learn her name here), because if she turns out to NOT be a Follower (again TV writers: subvert my expectations PLEASE!) then that is actually a pretty cool backstory and I kind of like her now. Which is good, because Ryan Hardy bores me, so it's up to her and Mike to keep me invested. Ryan did have some nice moments this episode though, but then it's easy to look superior next to the Three Stooges.
I kind of hate that they did this whole big show of shaking things up/bringing things to a head, and then they just basically returned things to status quo again. Kid's still kidnapped, boring dumbass Claire is safe again despite being a boring dumbass... Aside from the idiots being split up, nothing's changed. Time to pick things up here!