February 26th, 2013


TV post

Shameless: [Spoiler (click to open)]For crying out loud (sort of literally), can someone throw an Emmy on Emmy Rossum already? It has her name on it and everything! And when she cries it hurts my soul and makes me want to pack my bags and fly to the States to track her down and hug her, and I don't know which state I would end up going to if I gave in to that urge- She's just so amazing and perfect, I can't.
Really crazy episode, in so many many different ways. I feel like this show invents a whole new flavour of crazy every week.

The Walking Dead: [Spoiler (click to open)]Damnit, this is the episode I wanted like, 5 episodes ago! I mean, better late than never, but this would have packed way more of a punch if it had come a bit sooner and without weeks of me yelling at everyone through the screen to actually relay pertinent information to each other. Considering how long they dragged out everyone finding out about everyone/everything, this should have been fucking fireworks! Instead they STILL didn't put all the cards on the table (Maggie? You maybe wanna tell Andrea she's dating an attempted rapist? I mean, that seems like something you'd want to give someone a heads-up about!) and nothing really got resolved. It was fun to see Andrea's reaction to all the developements she missed, though, that part was worth waiting for. Also worth the wait: Hershel and Merle actually legit having that "hey, I lost a limb thanks to Rick too!" conversation and sorta bonding a bit. If anyone can redeem Merle, even a bit, it'll be Hershel!

And, for the first and hopefully only time in the history of this show: I agree with Carl, Rick needs to retire. Or be retired, if you catch my drift. ... Killed, I mean killed, that's what I meant. But obviously that won't happen, and IDK, maybe Carl and Hershel actually got through to him this episode and he'll stop chasing Ghost!Lori and shooing off perfectly nice new people now? Fingers crossed!
Speaking of the new people, I love the meet-cutes people have now (I know that term is usually reserved for would-be couples, but since so few new people meet on this show I'm extending it to any kind of meet): "Oh hello, didn't see you there! We were just walking our pet zombie, choppin' his arms off, you know, normal apocalypse-stuff. Nice day for it, yeah? Hey, if you folks are gullible idiots looking for a crazy-ass cultish town then you're in luck!" Maybe Rick was right to turn em away, clearly they're not terribly bright. And that kid and his dad should fit right in with the Town o' Ungrateful Whiners.