February 24th, 2013


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Blah, I'm in a funk. A mopey, cranky, useless funk where I'm back to feeling like doing nothing and just being tired all the time. Hoping it'll pass on it's own, because I was kind of getting used to not feeling like a zombie all the time, but I'm pretty sure it's going to be around for atleast a bit (stomatitis, hooray). If you need me I'll be in this corner whimpering in self-pity, k?

What I could really use right now is some TV, but naturally it's the weekend so no new fun stuff. This past week was mostly pretty underwhelming too, hence the scarcity of posts, most episodes were good but not really flail-worthy. Nevertheless, to distract myself from my wallowing I will blab:


[Spoiler (click to open)]

A nifty concept, in an overly meta and also rather cheesy sort of way, but other than that not much to write home about. I'm reluctant to watch a show with Matt Davis on account of how he turned out to be a douche, I didn't really feel interested in any of the characters and it just ... fell flat. I can't help but think that they should have teamed up with The Following for this - I know it's different networks, but if you're going to do a show about a show, it's time to do something NEW: like doing a show about an actual show. The show-within-a-show has been done, mostly in comedy and that is because the fake-show will always come off as kind of hammy and overly dramatic when all you see of it is random clips. Imagine if you would instead that The Following was actually good - maybe not like Lost at it's best (because lord knows they've tried and failed to replicate that success) but atleast on the entertaining level of Supernatural or Fringe or Lost at it's worst or something. You know, something with that campy, cracky cult vibe? Then imagine it running for a season, maybe two, and then this show comes in, a show all about a show that actually exists and has fans already. Now THAT would be an experiment in meta-TV I would enjoy seeing - it might very well turn out to be terrible, but it would atleast be new and intresting: two things this show was not.
I'll give it 5 episodes to change my mind, though, because things are slow right now.

Hart of Dixie:

[Spoiler (click to open)]

That sound you hear? That's me drawing my breath for a giant "I TOLD YOU SO" when Zoe and Wade break up next week (week after at the outside). I'm sorry but this is why I'm a pessimist: atleast when things inevitably go south I get to feel like a psychic! So yeah, I think I'm out for now, this show just does not have the chops to keep me interested - or distract me from all the sillyness - without the shippy bits. I'd rather quit before things get depressing - if I'm wrong I can always catch up.

New Girl:

[Spoiler (click to open)]

Did not love this episode. There were good bits, mostly Nick/Jess related, but overall I didn't laugh much and I found it a bit too slapschticky. Winston's cliché "storyline" was the worst, that's the kind of recycled joke I expect from Happy Endings. Glad they're keeping his lady-friend around, although I liked her more in the Nick And Jess Kiss Episode (as I assume we all refer to it now). Just ... last couple of episodes were better, is all. *Shrug*

Arrow & Elementary:

[Spoiler (click to open)]

I'm clobbing these two together for the sole reason that they're both new and they've both improved by about 90% over their last 2 episodes. It's like we reached the episodes that was written after the pilots aired and the writers got their first dose of real fan feedback, or maybe it just took the writers this long to realize what needed to be done. Either way, Arrow finally wizened up to the fact that Felicity is awesome and her knowing/becoming part of Team Hood has made this show interesting for something other than Stephen Amell's abs, and Elementary finally dumped that ridiculous sober companion set-up. Result: Huge improvements all around, cookies for everyone!

Parks & Rec:

[Spoiler (click to open)]

Perfect perfect perfect, especially the wedding episode which may be my new favorite wedding episode ever. Sorry Jim/Pam!

Person of Interest:

[Spoiler (click to open)]

Weird, different, awesome episode. I would probably have found it a bit annoying if it had been someone less delightful and dear to me than Sarah Shahi, because I dig that lady a lot and she's leading-lady material, but I think I still would have liked it no matter who they got because: Root! Ken Leong! Major developement of canon and the show universe! These are things I dig. Plus it was fun to see a POI who actually didn't really need Reese/Finch all that much, and to see things from the other side (in more ways than one). This show = best show people aren't watching/talking about.


[Spoiler (click to open)]

Messy end to a messy and rather annoying season. Kinda relieved it's over tbh, there was so much ~drama this season, and at the end I started to feel a little worn out by it all. Like I've said before, it's still a bit too early in the show's life for this kind of upheaval, I feel like this season would have fitted better as a third or fourth or even fifth and final season (because 5 seasons is the average expiration date of most shows). And regardless of timing, it felt rushed - like things just sort of fell onto a pile rather than being placed in a line, there were so many scenes I felt would have been more enjoyable and poignant, if only...
Interesting (and hot) ending to it atleast.