February 20th, 2013



Too much staring at screen today, with nothing much to show for it. I was looking for a site that sells cutlery (OCD-reasons + the stores here suck) and ended up on a site that had EVERYTHING. Or, not everything maybe, but enough to keep my eyes glued to the screen and have me yelling "I WANT YOU, I WANT ALL OF YOU", especially at the necklaces. They had the prettiest and cheapest necklaces - I ended up buying 3 out of an initial wishlist of 10. Also bought some other boring crap, I'm getting way too good at being sensible with my money. Ah well, at least I'm still lousy with managing my time!

TV today was ... unremarkable, I don't really have any comments. Lets have a meme instead, from mierke:

Give me a tv show/film/book (series) and I'll tell you:

Favourite female character:
Favourite male character:
Least favourite female character:
Least favourite male character:
Favourite ship:
Least favourite ship:
Film/TV show rating: /10