February 17th, 2013


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Phew, finally managed to crawl over here from the armchair. I slept ultra-bad last night but somehow convinced (=bribed) myself to go shopping which was ... exhausting and horrible and thank gawd it's over. Ugh, people everywhere. Coughing people, and I'm sure none of them were fake-coughing like I do in order to make people move away (you'd be surprised how well that works even on normal non-phobes). So then I rewarded myself (=aforementioned bribe) by collapsing in front of the TV with chocolate and movies, although my plan to fully pig out on the ice cream and popcorn I also bought didn't pan out since I was too worried about getting sick to eat. :/ I really truly hate going out, you guys. Really.

Anyhoo, the movies: my original plan was Pitch Perfect + Brave cause I've been wanting to see both but never got around to it, but halfway through the first one I realized I also had the latest Step Up movie to watch and I have never been known to pass up a theme night. These types of movies are my favorite, the competition/performance movies where a scrappy hero joins a ragtag band of underdogs in the fight for the title of Awesomest Whatever and impresses them with his/her out-of-the-box thinking and in turn they inspire her/him with their style and then there's the usual setback and everything seems hopeless but NO! Because then there's a last minute hail mary or sudden turn of luck and they do the big finish and everyone cheers, even that grumpy naysayer parent/sibling/etc who didn't think they could do it or didn't understand the hero's special snowflake-qualities, and the judges cheer and the obligatory will-they-or-won't-they-LOLJK-they-totally-will couple kiss infront of a crowd aaaaand roll credits! Yep, I know they're cheesy and super-predictable and most often quite terribly acted/written and I DO NOT CARE, they are my happy place. They are the Ben & Jerry's of movies.

As for these two, I usually grade these based on their individual components because that can vary quite heavily. So:

Pitch Perfect
[Spoiler (click to open)]Scrappy hero: B+ (possibly an A-)
Ragtag group of underdogs: A
Obligatory love story: B+
Performances: A
Number of times I rewatched the final number: 5 or 6
In other words: not bad! I can see why it got good buzz, definitely the Mean Girls to this genres Every Single Highschool Movie Ever. My grade would be 4/5, one point deducted for all the vomiting because ewwww.

Step Up Revolution
[Spoiler (click to open)]Scrappy hero: D- (technically I suppose there were 2, but they both get the same grade)
Ragtag group of underdogs: C- (and that is entirely for the appearance of the SYTYCD-people!)
Obligatory love story: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz...
Performances: B+
Number of times I rewatched the final number: 0 (a first, for this series of movies)
In other words: Bad, even for this type of movie. This franchise was never about the plot, lets face it, the writing is usually about level with a soap opera (only with less exciting twists), but this was terrible. Bland boring characters, which made the plot insuffrable and ugh, do not get me started on the dull romance.

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And now I'm going to go build myself a library of feel-good competition movies, because I just realized I don't have one and that is unacceptable. So I don't miss any obvious must-haves (my brain being slightly frazzled atm), friends: what are your favorites of the genre? Or are you one of those weird people who don't like happy movies or kittens or ice cream? (It's cool if you are, but if so we're never having a movie night together, JSYK. ...That's probably a relief to hear.)