February 12th, 2013



Look, I made tidy! ... On my blog, but any form of cleaning done by me deserves a freaking parade. I've organized the tags, updated my Friends Only post (which didn't used to be FO and is now FP so I should probably call it something else), made a proper About Me post, made the very first Project post - just outlining things, I changed the date on both those so hopefully it won't show up to spam you on your f-lists. Oh, and I changed the layout again, to another old fave that I once again got stuck obsessively trying to make a banner for despite being horrible at Photoshop, but this time I just slapped something together instead of giving up. Probably this is an indication of how The Project is going to go... 

Anyways, I'm working on getting back on track with things and am quite shocked that it actually seems to be working (although I just realized it's really late and I forgot to load in new books into my Kindle like I planned and I still also have to hang laundry so maybe it's not working that well. There goes my streak of getting to bed early the last week!) and I'm planning on making the first real Project-post tomorrow. Meanwhile: TV.

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