January 21st, 2013



Holy friending memes, Batman! In addition to the one I posted yesterday there's also these two going around:

the shortest friending meme to ever friend-meme


The Stand of the Last LJians Friending Meme

Go! Friend! Rejoice, for LJ LIVES! I had to restrain myself from poking ALL THE PEOPLE - I'm usually very shy/reluctant to poke on the basis that if people poke me then it's not my fault that they're stuck with me as their weirdo friend. Insecurity logix! 

Which I suppose is as good a segway as any into: Hello new friends! Things are a bit of a mess here at the moment, I just renamed myself and have been poking around with the layout (still not entirely pleased) and am working on revamping my tags and updating all my personal infos. In the meantime here is the Cliffnotes version:

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Mkay, so LJ has started doing this thing where it insists I checked a box to post anonymously AND as my username when in fact I am posting the same way I've always done and not checking any boxes at all. Is this happening for anyone else? Is it because I changed my username? Do I have an alternative personality that prefers anonymity and who jumps out only to change this particular setting? Help! 

Lot of posts lately - I'll calm down soon, don't worry! I blame the excitement of LJ showing signs of life, I'm so delighted for these friending memes. I wish there was a community dedicated to friending memes and general fandom mingling. Is there such a comm? And if not, would anyone be interested in joining one? Just a thought, I really do not like the possibility of LJ almost dying out again. I need more comms to follow period, adding that to my to-do-on-LJ list. 

TV today:
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